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Christopher Hitchens
“Consider the great Samuel Clemens. Huckleberry Finn is one of the few books that all American children are mandated to read: Jonathan Arac, in his brilliant new study of the teaching of Huck, is quite right to term it 'hyper-canonical.' And Twain is a figure in American history as well as in American letters. The only objectors to his presence in the schoolroom are mediocre or fanatical racial nationalists or 'inclusivists,' like Julius Lester or the Chicago-based Dr John Wallace, who object to Twain's use—in or out of 'context'—of the expression 'nigger.' An empty and formal 'debate' on this has dragged on for decades and flares up every now and again to bore us. But what if Twain were taught as a whole? He served briefly as a Confederate soldier, and wrote a hilarious and melancholy account, The Private History of a Campaign That Failed. He went on to make a fortune by publishing the memoirs of Ulysses Grant. He composed a caustic and brilliant report on the treatment of the Congolese by King Leopold of the Belgians. With William Dean Howells he led the Anti-Imperialist League, to oppose McKinley's and Roosevelt's pious and sanguinary war in the Philippines. Some of the pamphlets he wrote for the league can be set alongside those of Swift and Defoe for their sheer polemical artistry. In 1900 he had a public exchange with Winston Churchill in New York City, in which he attacked American support for the British war in South Africa and British support for the American war in Cuba. Does this count as history? Just try and find any reference to it, not just in textbooks but in more general histories and biographies. The Anti-Imperialist League has gone down the Orwellian memory hole, taking with it a great swirl of truly American passion and intellect, and the grand figure of Twain has become reduced—in part because he upended the vials of ridicule over the national tendency to religious and spiritual quackery, where he discerned what Tocqueville had missed and far anticipated Mencken—to that of a drawling, avuncular fabulist.”
Christopher Hitchens, Love, Poverty, and War: Journeys and Essays

Mark Twain
“First they done a lecture on temperance; but they didn't make enough for
them both to get drunk on. Then in another village they started a
dancing-school; but they didn't know no more how to dance than a kangaroo
does; so the first prance they made the general public jumped in and
pranced them out of town. Another time they tried to go at yellocution;
but they didn't yellocute long till the audience got up and give them a
solid good cussing, and made them skip out.”
Mark Twain

Mark Twain
“Like it! Yes—the way I'd like a hot stove if I was to set on it long enough. No, Tom, I won't be rich, and I won't live in them cussed smothery houses. I like the woods, and the river, and hogsheads, and I'll stick to 'em, too.”
Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain
“So there ain't nothing more to write about, and I am rotten glad of it, because if I'd a knowed what a trouble it was to make a book I wouldn't a tackled it and ain't going to no more.”
Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Robert Coover
“What we got is NOW, Huck, and now is forever. Until it ain't. So, you can't worry over nothing except putting off the end a your story as long as you can, and finishing it with a bang.”
Robert Coover, Huck Out West

Mark Twain
“I said, "Don't do nothing of the kind; it's one of the most jackass ideas I ever struck;”
Mark Twain, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain
“She had the grit to pray for Judus if she took the
notion—there warn’t no back-down to her, I judge.”
Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain
“Así, pues, le dije:
—Ya sabes, Tom, que no sirvo ni para limpiarte los zapatos. Pero no importa: Dios todopoderoso nos ha creado a todos y a unos los ha dejado ciegos mientras que a otros les ha dado los ojos para verlo todo. Me parece que yo no figuro entre estos últimos; pero sin duda está bien así, puesto que es Dios quien lo ha querido.”
Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer, Detective

Mark Twain
“Wenn du die Wahrheit sagst, brauchst du kein gutes Gedächtnis.”
Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Chapters 11 to 15

Mark Twain
“I said, I know what you'll say. You'll say stealing a n***** is dirty, low business, but what if it is? I'm low down; and I'm a-going to steal him, and I want you to keep mum and not let on. Will you?" Tom's eyes lit up, and he says "I'll help you steal him.”
Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn