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Maureen Johnson
“The English play hockey in any weather. Thunder, lightening, plague of locusts...nothing can stop the hockey. Do not fight the hockey, for the hockey will win.”
Maureen Johnson

Rachel Gibson
“You make me want to suck a bruise on you just to kiss it better.
--Luc to Jane--”
Rachel Gibson, See Jane Score

Bobby Orr
“There are no environments where you're only going to win, because life just isn't like that.”
Bobby Orr

J. Sterling
“I love the smell of the ice... And the cold. The sound the puck makes when it's sliding across the ice or when hits the net for a goal... as long as it's our goal. I love the sound of sticks crashing against one another. The sound my skates make when I come to a hard stop. The roar of the crowd. The way I feel when i'm playing. I can do things on this ice that I can't do anywhere else.”
J. Sterling, In Dreams

“The legs feed the wolf”
Herb Brooks

Bobby Orr
“Developing better people should be the number one goal for any coach when dealing with kids. In trying to develop better people, we are going to develop more and better pros.”
Bobby Orr

Janet Evanovich
“I exchanged my flannel shirt for a Rangers jersey and zapped the television on. Probably I should make more phone calls, but the Rangers were playing and priorities were priorities.”
Janet Evanovich, Three to Get Deadly

Libba Bray
“I am for hockey. I find I should like to hit something with a stick.
-Gemma Doyle Trilogy”
Libba Bray

“People think common sense is common - but it's not.”
Don Cherry

Fredrik Backman
“Not an emotional person? That's pretty much all he is! Maybe she talks a lot about her feelings, but he's entirely governed by his, that's the difference. But that's what makes him a good fireman, and a good dad too, and it was his emotions she fell in love with. And it's emotions that have made their sons good hockey players and their daughter a fantastic figure skater, because you can't get good at a sport if you're not sensitive enough for it to mean everything to you, if you don't take every setback personally, if every loss doesn't feel like dying.”
Fredrik Backman, The Winners

Hannah  Grace
“I-"Fuck. "Well, I am angry at you, Nathan."
"So fucking angry."
Hannah Grace, Icebreaker

Deirdre Martin
“Let's talk about the homoerotic undertones in sports," she said.
Paul thrust his head forward as if he hadn't heard right. "Excuse me?”
Deirdre Martin

“Top shelf where momma hides the cookies!”
Rick Jeanneret

“Roll the highlight film!”
Rick Jeanneret

“Are you ready region of doom? Here comes the Buffalo Sabres!”
Rick Jeanneret

“Oh brother we are not worthy!”
Rick Jeanneret

“This is the only job I ever wanted and this is the only place I ever wanted to be!”
Rick Jeanneret

Dan Wells
“We were a minor league team that didn't feed into any majors, in a town that loved just about every sport but ours. We were going nowhere and we knew it, so why not have fun? In the forties, when I was playing, we were officially the most violent team in the country, and that means probably the whole world, and by the way, that's why I could skate with no toes. A figure skater, a speed skater, an NHL forward, sure, you need your toes for control, but all that finesse takes a backseat when all you're trying to do is slam somebody into a wall and break all his teeth.”
Dan Wells, Partials

Fredrik Backman
“It takes the boy an hour to half crawl, half stagger to the locker room. It's empty. The heating has been switched off. His shoes have been shredded and his clothes are lying soaking wet on the floor of the shower. It's the best day of his life.”
Fredrik Backman, Beartown

“A game teaches you patience, discipline and team work.”
Shakil Kamboh

Carrie S. Allen
“Because we're a small-town team of sixteen girls who win some and lose some, and unless you grew up here, you don't stay in the Upper Peninsula forever. Coach did not grow up here.”
Carrie S. Allen
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Carrie S. Allen
“There's something in Coach's tone that freezes me in place before her sparsely decorated desk. Beside her laptop, she always keeps a current team picture and a framed, signed Julie Chu puck. And they aren't there now. In fact, the desk calendar has been torn off to a blank sheet and the whiteboard on the wall, usually crowded with lines and drills has been scrubbed clean.”
Carrie S. Allen
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Carrie S. Allen
“I'm happiest when I have skates on my feet, a stick in my hands and teammates by my side.”
Carrie S. Allen
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Carrie S. Allen
“Brie passes me her half-used tissue. We're running low and rationing essentials at this point. She's still in the anger phase of the grief paradigm. Self-diagnosis: her mom is a psychiatrist.”
Carrie S. Allen
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Carrie S. Allen
“Coach Henson has been here three years and he's still trying to whip those boys into shape. My guess is he's getting nervous watching his game clock tick down. He can't afford to take a chance on us.”
Carrie S. Allen
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“She was more beautiful than anything he’d ever seen,
Her hair the shade of coffee beans,
A hoodie sheltered her in a sheet of red,
That slowly seeped and gently bled
And when she laughed
She crept her way into his heart.
Broken pieces, tied together,
A sea of stars that were forever
A mystery meant to be solved
And in a flash, his world evolved
A fearless bird soaring through a bright blue sky
Yet still as sweet as strawberry pie
Secrets bottled, stolen glances
Cloud-filled skies and second chances
And as time swept past in a quick blur
The lost boy fell in love with her.”
Yuen Wright, The Hoodie Girl

“You can't look back. You can't dial up euphoria on demand, or try to recreate what happened a quarter century ago. You move forward and you live your life and try to be a better person every day than you were the day before. You take each day as a new journey, even as you are grateful for the ones you have already had.”
Jim Craig, The Boys of Winter: The Untold Story of a Coach, a Dream, and the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team

Wayne Coffey
“You push on, do your best, and if you are really brave, you dream big, doubts and fears be damned. This is the stuff that miracles are made of, and the proof was there to see, on February 22, 1980.”
Wayne Coffey, The Boys of Winter: The Untold Story of a Coach, a Dream, and the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team

“It seemed that if it weren't for bad luck, the NHL would have no luck at all. And yet they persevered.”
Bob Duff, The First Season: 1917-18 and the Birth of the NHL

Nico Daniels
“Mark my words, Grey. Your next first kiss will be your best first kiss. It might even be your last first kiss.”
Nico Daniels, Icing

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