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“...when someone is honest and vulnerable, they wring my heart - I want to hug them for being real...”
John Geddes, A Familiar Rain

Jean-Dominique Bauby
“Does it take the harsh light of disaster to show a person’s true nature?”
Jean-Dominique Bauby

Emily Henry
“I've always felt like once someone sees me deep down, that's it. There's something ugly in there, or unlovable, and you're the only person who's ever made me feel like I'm okay.”
Emily Henry, People We Meet on Vacation

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“Damn it! Are you so stupid you don't know what I'm going to do to you?"
Her eyes bore into his without flinching.
"Are you so stupid you haven't figured out yet that it doesn't matter?”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Dream a Little Dream

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“She reached into the pocket of her dress and threw the small stack of bills at him. They fluttered to the ground like broken dreams. "I hope you choke on
every penny."
"Pick that up."
She drew back her arm and slapped him as hard as she could.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Dream a Little Dream

Devon Ashley
“I have to go, Jenna", he whispered, sounding shaky, like he questioned the decision himself. He released the hold and squatted to retrieve his bag, leaving me to sway in the air, ready to collapse any second, as he walked away forever. And it ate me up inside. Forever.


"Yeah?" he answered, turning back as his hand gripped the door.

"I do love you. And i never gave you anything less than everything i had to give" A solitary tear managed to break through my defenses. "And i'll always regret that it wasn't enough"

"Me, too" And just as he slid out into the hallway, marking the beginning of forever, he quietly added "Because i would've spent my life with you”
Devon Ashley, Falling Away

Shannon A. Thompson
“Fate was a reality, but it wasn’t a beautiful or angelic thing. It was a heart-wrenching nightmare. And we’d fallen blindly into it. We had no escape. It was happening, and it was up to me to guarantee our survival of it. (Eric)”
Shannon A. Thompson, Minutes Before Sunset

Alexander Gordon Smith
“I pushed until I felt his [Donovan's] body grow still, the tendons in his neck relaxing. I pushed until I felt the mouth beneath the pillow droop, one last dull groan fading into silence. And I kept pushing, because I couldn't bear to pull the pillow away to see what I'd done.

"You're free," I said. I closed my eyes, saw Donovan as he had been. One last smile, then he faded.”
Alexander Gordon Smith, Solitary

Maria Dahvana Headley
“I can hear my mom.
I can hear her take a deep breath. I hear her pushing words out, and I can almost see her, for a second, the look on her face, her hand pressed to her own heart, the other in a fist.
"You can go if you have to go," my mom says, and her voice shakes, but she's solid. She says it again, so I'll know. "You can go if you have to go, okay, baby? Don't wait for me. I love you, you're mine, you'll always be mine, and this is going to be okay, you're safe, baby, you're safe-"
...And after that? There's nothing.”
Maria Dahvana Headley, Magonia

“Reunion will come.”
Atsuko Asano

“There is nothing more heart wrenching than morning an individual who is still alive. "
by Ms. Bonnie Zackson Koury”
Bonnie Zackson Koury