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Alyxandra Harvey
“He’s supposed to look out for you.”
“I do!” Kieran sounded offended. “You should be proud of her. Hart requested her presence personally at the Drake coronation.”
I closed my eyes briefly. We were doomed.
“You went to a vampire ceremony?” Grandpa asked evenly.
“He didn’t know?” Kieran asked.
“No, he didn’t.”
Grandpa vibrated with rage. “I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in my family!”
“It’s different now,” Kieran tried to assuage him. “I’m dating Solange Drake. They’re a good family.”
Grandpa went red, then purple. Kieran took a step back. I whacked Grandpa between the shoulder blades.
“Grandpa, breathe!”
Alyxandra Harvey, Out for Blood

Molly Harper
“My grandma Ruthie, Jettie's sister, had been married four times, so many times I started calling every old man I saw at the grocery store Grandpa.”
Molly Harper, Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs

Liz Reinhardt
“What man doesn't have dress socks and shoes?" he asks pointedly. "You wanna grow up to be a hobo?”
Liz Reinhardt, Lengths

Norman Rockwell
“I unconsciously decided that, even if it wasn't an ideal world, it should be so and painted only the ideal aspects of it - pictures in which there are no drunken slatterns or self-centered mothers . . . only foxy grandpas who played baseball with kids and boys who fished from logs and got up circuses in the back yard.”
Norman Rockwell

“But that little ‘ol gal in there cooking away stole my heart when I was about your age, and the little thief never gave it back.”
Amanda Stone

Téa Obreht
“My grandfather would pet the dog, and, in a voice that made him sound like some kind of children's program puppet, he would say: "You're a dog! You're a dog! Where are you? You're a dog!" and the dog's tongue would drop out of its mouth and it would start keening.
After a few hours of this, I said, "Jesus Grandpa, I get it, he's a dog," not knowing that, just a few years later, I would be reminding every dog I met on the street that it was a dog, and asking it where it was.”
Téa Obreht, The Tiger's Wife

“Justice without strength isn't justice at all.”
Shinjiro, Taboo Tattoo, Vol. 1

“Your grandpa is a man that you can love until the end of your life. I love my grandpa and respect him. I cherish my grandpa while I have him.”
Chynna Weber

“Why worry about things you have no control over?”
John Russell

Ray Bradbury
“— Мой дед говорил: «Каждый должен что-то оставить после себя. Сына, или книгу, или картину, выстроенный тобой дом или хотя бы возведённую из кирпича стену, или сшитую тобой пару башмаков, или сад, посаженный твоими руками. Что-то, чего при жизни касались твои пальцы, в чем после смерти найдет прибежище твоя душа. Люди будут смотреть на взращённое тобою дерево или цветок, и в эту минуту ты будешь жив». Мой дед говорил: «Не важно, что именно ты делаешь, важно, чтобы все, к чему ты прикасаешься, меняло форму, становилось не таким, как раньше, чтобы в нем оставалась частица тебя самого. В этом разница между человеком, просто стригущим траву на лужайке, и настоящим садовником, — говорил мне дед. — Первый пройдет, и его как не бывало, но садовник будет жить не одно поколение».”
Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

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