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Shel Silverstein
“There is a place where the sidewalk ends
And before the street begins,
And there the grass grows soft and white,
And there the sun burns crimson bright,
And there the moon-bird rests from his flight
To cool in the peppermint wind.

Let us leave this place where the smoke blows black
And the dark street winds and bends.
Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow
We shall walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
And watch where the chalk-white arrows go
To the place where the sidewalk ends.

Yes we'll walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
And we'll go where the chalk-white arrows go,
For the children, they mark, and the children, they know
The place where the sidewalk ends.”
Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends

Erik Tomblin
“Then there are the simple things. The way she fits against my side when we’re sitting together. How she can silence my addled thoughts with one look. The sound of my name from her lips. The way she can make a moment, any moment, a thousands times better when she is there. How the simplest pleasures in life become exciting with the promise of sharing the experience with her.”
Erik Tomblin

“I’m a realist,” I said. “Lying and making promises about forever is almost as bad as one day at a time.”
Nicole Williams, Crash

Jill Shalvis
“It was on the table when I got here," Matt said in his defense.

Josh eyed the open [Cosmo] magazine. "You don't already know how to satisfy your boyfriends in bed?"

Matt ignored this. "Did either of you know there's ninety-nine ways to give a blow job? That's ninety-nine nights of blow jobs."

"Look at you with the math skills," Josh said.

Matt flipped him off while Ty flipped the page. "'How to Give Your Hoo-Ha a Spa Day.' Huh," he said. "I didn't know a woman's hoo-ha needed a spa day.”
Jill Shalvis, Forever and a Day

Jill Shalvis
“Arf! Arf, arf, arf!"

Oh, Jesus, the Antichrist's barking was going to split open his head.

"Quiet, Tank," Grace said. "Toby, baby, grab him and put him in the laundry room, please. Anna, good, you're back. Get a phone in case we need to call nine-one-one."

"Got it," Anna said, sounding so unusually shaken that Josh did open his eyes. Look at that, Antichrist number two was worried about him. Nice change.”
Jill Shalvis, Forever and a Day

Jill Shalvis
“Why do you get to act all crazy over a guy and I don't?" Anna asked.

"You have to earn the crazy," Grace said. "You're not old enough yet.”
Jill Shalvis

Made and kept
Forgotten in keyless chambers
Dusty with age and neglect
Promises - that once were,
Still are,
Will always be..”
Akanksha Singh