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Stephen Chbosky
“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.”
Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Rachel Lynn Solomon
“There’s this word in Japanese: tsundoku,” Neil says suddenly.
“It’s my favorite word in any language.”
“What does it mean?”
He grins. “It means acquiring more books than you could ever
realistically read.”
Rachel Lynn Solomon, Today Tonight Tomorrow

Behcet Kaya
“Cindy, have you heard of the second law of thermodynamics?”
“Yes. Something about heat energy can never be created or destroyed?”
“That’s the first law of thermodynamics. The second one is this…all organized systems tend to slide slowly into chaos and disorder. Energy tends to run down. The universe itself heads inevitably towards darkness and stasis. Our own star system eventually will die, the sun will become a red giant, and the earth will be swallowed by the red giant.”
“Cheery thought.”
“But mathematics has altered this concept; rather one particular mathematician. His name was Ilya Prigogine, a Belgian mathematician.”
“Who and what does that have to do with your being a PI and a great psychologist?”
“Are you being sarcastic? Of course you are. Anyway, what I was trying to say was that Prigogine used the analogy of a walled city and open city. The walled city is isolated from its surroundings and will run down, decay, and die. The open city will have an exchange of materials and energy with its surroundings and will become larger and more complex; capable of dissipating energy even as it grows. So my point is, this analogy very much pertains to a certain female. The walled person versus the open person. The walled person will eventually decline, fade, and decay.”
Behcet Kaya, Appellate Judge

Rachel Lynn Solomon
“The love that I wanted so desperately: this isn’t what I thought
it would feel like. It’s made me dizzy and it’s grounded me. It’s
made me laugh when nothing is funny. It shimmers and it sparks,
but it can be comfortable, too, a sleepy smile and a soft touch and
a quiet, steady breath. Of course this boy—my rival, my alarm
clock, my unexpected ally—is at the center of it.
And somehow, it’s even better than I imagined.”
Rachel Lynn Solomon, Today Tonight Tomorrow

Max Nowaz
“I wanted to thank you for saving my life. I am still puzzled about your motives
though. Was it revenge against Zedan for rejecting you?”
“You insult me. It seems that you think of everybody in the same lowly terms you
think of yourself. If there is anybody I should hate for Zedan rejecting me, it should be
you. He was only doing what is expected of him in our society.”
“You mean you don't hate me?” This was a new revelation to Brown. It worried him.
He was used to hate, he could deal with it, but this he could not understand, he had used
the girl ruthlessly and yet she did not hate him.”
Max Nowaz, The Arbitrator

Rachel Lynn Solomon
“Neil McNair has become my alarm clock, if alarm clocks had
freckles and knew all your insecurities.”
Rachel Lynn Solomon , Today Tonight Tomorrow

Rachel Lynn Solomon
“He glances down at his arms. “I didn’t even realize—am I expos-ing too much skin? I don’t want to be parading myself in front of
you, taunting you with what you can’t have. I have a hoodie in my
backpack. I can put it on if you’re—”
“You’re definitely better. We’re leaving.”
Rachel Lynn Solomon, Today Tonight Tomorrow

Rachel Lynn Solomon
“You wrote a fucking book. Do you know how many people
wish they could do that, or how many people talk about doing it
and never do?”
Rachel Lynn Solomon, Today Tonight Tomorrow

Rachel Lynn Solomon
“And just so you know, we might be having dinner together,
but this isn’t a date,” Neil says, completely straight-faced. “I just
don’t want you to get too excited. I mean, your parents are going
to be there, so it would be really awkward if you were fawning over
me the whole time.”
Rachel Lynn Solomon, Today Tonight Tomorrow

Rachel Lynn Solomon
“I know you can do this. You’re the person who revolutionized
garbage collection at Westview, remember?”
Rachel Lynn Solomon , Today Tonight Tomorrow

André Aciman
“Se ti ricordi tutto, volevo dirgli, e se sei davvero come me, allora domani prima di partire o quando sei pronto per chiudere la portiera del taxi e hai già salutato gli altri e non c'è più nulla da dire in questa vita, allora, una volta soltanto, girati verso di me, anche per scherzo, o perché ci hai ripensato, e, come avevi già fatto allora, guardami negli occhi, trattieni il mio sguardo, e chiamami col tuo nome.”
André Aciman, Call Me by Your Name

“So may you come into the true Kingdom of Culture ... and may you be armed against the worst blows that fate can deal you in this world.”
George Hamlin Fitch

Khaled Hosseini
“Ljepota je krupan, nezaslužen dar koji se dijeli nasumce, glupavo.

Tako sam odabrao svoju specijalnost da popravljam izgled ljudi kao što je Talija, da svakim zamahom svojega skalpela ispravim neku arbitrarnu nepravdu, da se neznatno usprotivim svjetskom poretku koji sam držao sramotnim, a u kojem ugriz psa može djevojčici oteti budućnost, pretvorivši je u otpadnicu, predmet rugla.

Barem sam tako to sebi tumačio. Valjda je bilo i drugih razloga zašto sam odabrao plastičnu kirurgiju, Novac, na primjer, ugled, društveni položaj. Bilo bi previše jednostavno reći da sam se na to odlučio samo zbog Talije - ma koliko to tumačenje bilo romantično - ipak je malo previše uredno i uravnoteženo. Ako sam u Kabulu išta naučio, onda sam shvatio da je ljudsko ponašanje neuredno i nepredvidiovo i da se ne zamara prikladnim simetrijama. Ali nalazim utjehu u tome, u postojanju uzorka, u tome kako pripovijest mojega života poprima oblik, poput fotografije u tamnoj komori, i postaje priča koja polako izlazi na vidjelo i potvrđuje ono dobro koje sam uvijek htio vidjeti u sebi. Tom se pričom hranim.”
Khaled Hosseini, And the Mountains Echoed

Khaled Hosseini
“(...) - trebala sam biti pažljivija. Nitko zbog toga ne zažali. Nikad si u starosti nećeš reći: Eh, da barem nisam bila tako pažljiva prema toj osobi. Nikad to ne pomisliš.”
Khaled Hosseini, And the Mountains Echoed