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Jackson Burnett
“You don’t call them ‘strippers.’ They’re dancers. ‘Strippers’ sounds cheesy and amateurish. These women are professionals.” The man sipped his beer and glanced at Zoe. “And, you don’t call them booger bars or strip joints, for the same reason.”
Jackson Burnett, The Past Never Ends

Ellie Midwood
“Six month of sitting home, six month of doing absolutely nothing but watching TV, going out, sleeping, getting drunk and sleeping again. Oh no, wait, I was busy with something, I was doing some renovations in my new apartment. Which legally became mine only a month ago. Yep, that's what all my life has been about, spontaneous decisions and living in the moment. Because right now technically I'm a 25-year-old illegal immigrant from Russia, four years in New York, no papers, no work authorization, no work itself. Only a crazy life filled with restaurants, shops, beauty salons, clubs and restaurants again. How is it all possible? Very simple. I used to be a stripper.”
Ellie Midwood, The New York Doll

“Even with my bachelor’s degree, I still felt more comfortable at the strip club than anywhere else. And that feeling hit me the very first time I walked through those doors. While I initially starting dancing to avoid eviction, I stayed because I felt more at home in the strip club than I did in college, at church and at my parent’s. Not only was I accustomed to feeling degraded, I believed I didn’t deserve any better or that any man would treat me better than the men at the club.”
Elona Washington, From Ivy League To Stripper Life: 10 Lessons Learned

Darwun St. James
“People come to New Orleans to forget themselves and party like a pagan. They gorge themselves on exotic spicy foods and five to seven course meals, taking hours to consume. They behave badly in bars and routinely encourage their willing female counterparts to flash their tits for cheap plastic beads. Beads women would never wear anywhere else but in New Orleans become triumphant symbols of one’s insatiable allure.”
Darwun St. James, Angel Sins

Margaret Atwood
“Exploited, they’d say. Yes, any way
you cut it, but I’ve a choice
of how, and I’ll take the money.”
Margaret Atwood, Morning in the Burned House

Margaret Atwood
“Like preachers, I sell vision,
like perfume ads, desire
or its facsimile. Like jokes
or war, it’s all in the timing.
I sell men back their worse suspicions:
that everything’s for sale,”
Margaret Atwood, Morning in the Burned House