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Hassan Blasim
“You can't understand beauty without peace of mind and you can't get close to the truth without fear.”
Hassan Blasim, The Iraqi Christ

Roshan Sharma
“The law of cause and effect gets clear to you, when you realize the eternal truth within you. The failure or success with life is only because of, getting away and coming closer to the natural process of life.”
Roshan Sharma

Roshan Sharma
“You need to understand the inner flowing energy and the eternal truth, is revealed to you. This is the only mystery, cult, esoteric, elusive or magic of life exists in the universe.”
Roshan Sharma

Abhijit Naskar
“We scientists perceive it as the Truth that will give us absolute understanding of the universe – which is impossible at the moment for a young species like us. On the other hand, the mystics perceive the Ultimate Truth, to be the attainment of Absolute Divinity, which all the religious giants experienced. But this attainment, is nowhere near the actual Ultimate Truth – it is only a subjective experience of the mind, evoked by specific internal and external stimuli.”
Abhijit Naskar, Neurons, Oxygen & Nanak

“They say: 'We are all lame in the face of the truth. Once upon a time there was an authoritative teaching in the Church; now we are all seeking; this is the era of pluralism in the faith.' But the faith is not pluralist: a healthy pluralism may be allowed in theology, in the Liturgy, in other things, but never in the faith. Once it is established that God has revealed a truth, the answer is yes, for everyone, in every age: a yes with conviction and courage, without doubts or hesitations. And the idea that the truths of the faith are only a momentary expression of the conscience and life of the Church must be rejected with every strength. These truths are always valid even if it is always possible to understand them better and to express them with new formulas, clearer and more suited to the new times.”
Albino Luciani, Illustrissimi: Letters from Pope John Paul I