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“Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey.”
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

J.R. Rim
“Where is the best place to be? Wherever we are, together.”
J.R. Rim

James A. Murphy
“Let go, let life, and enjoy the journey…!”
James A. Murphy, The Waves of Life Quotes and Daily Meditations

Gina Greenlee
“As your training integrates Mind, Body and Spirit, enjoy the process. Your journey to the marathon finish will last a few hours. Your journey to the start will influence a lifetime.”
Gina Greenlee, The Whole Person Guide to Your First Marathon: A Mind Body Spirit Companion

Jitendra Attra
“I just go to office to enjoy myself ; work automatically happens”
Jitendra Attra, chakravyuh The Land of the Paharias

Debasish Mridha
“I define my journey, I enjoy it too.”
Debasish Mridha

Debasish Mridha
“Life is a daring adventure towards an unknown future. Its beauty depends on how much you enjoy the journey.”
Debasish Mridha

Abhijit Naskar
“Awareness is simply seeing without trying to see the end.”
Abhijit Naskar

Abhijit Naskar
“There is life in walking, but death in running.”
Abhijit Naskar, Time to Save Medicine

“Creating your dream life is based on your internal happiness, love, perseverance and patience. It is an everyday process. Trust yourself and enjoy the journey.”
Purvi Raniga

“Don't be in a hurry to turn the page. Live and experience the current phase of your life with ease and calm. The page will anyway turn by itself.”
Hiral Nagda

Debasish Mridha
“Humanity is in her infancy, so start enjoying the journey.”
Debasish Mridha

Spencer Quinn
“Moments later I was I the corner, enjoying a Slim Jim. In fact we were all enjoying Slim Jim's. The world shrank down to this little kitchen and us dudes chowing down. Life is full of nice moments. You just have to be there.”
Spencer Quinn, Heart of Barkness

Line up with your intuition,
Feel the abundance within you,
Imagine how you feel when you are achieving every day,
Imagine you are living your purpose everyday,
Enjoy your own company,
Be your own best friend,
There is nothing in this world you cannot be or feel or have.
Purvi Raniga

Michael Bassey Johnson
“In the stream of life, you row your boat alone.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover