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Clyde DeSouza
“Emotions are like a virus, a common cold, disrupting the flow of logic in people's minds.”
Clyde DeSouza, Memories With Maya

“Eyes And Heart Are Too Compatible To Each Other. Through Our Eyes, We Capture Moments And Through Our Heart We Relive Those Moments....”
Muhammad Imran Hasan

“Sometimes the heart speaks a language that the mind will never understand... sometimes the impossible seems reachable and the invisible becomes essential!”
Laura Mercurio Ebohon

Sharlene Leong
“Words are the timeless beauties; they tell a thousand stories, deliver your purpose, speak the heart and build character. The play and interaction of words amuse me, hence the power of words is my love.”
Sharlene Leong

Lorraine Nilon
“You are a significant, unique, independent, individual soul, who has ventured into this world to expand your awareness of yourself and truth. You are an opportunity for the expansion of consciousness; you are an opportunity for evolution.”
Lorraine Nilon, Your Insight and Awareness Book: Your life is an expedition to discover the truth of yourself