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Jane Austen
“Elinor agreed to it all, for she did not think he deserved the compliment of rational opposition.”
Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

Benjamin J. Carey
“At the end of the day your ability to connect with your readers comes down to how you make them feel.”
Benjamin J. Carey, Barefoot in November

Jane Austen
“The advantages of natural folly in a beautiful girl have been already set forth by the capital pen of a sister author; and to her treatment of the subject I will only add, in justice to men, that though to the larger and more trifling part of the sex, imbecility in females is a great enhancement of their personal charms, there is a portion of them too reasonable and too well informed themselves to desire anything more in woman than ignorance.”
Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

“You [demagogues] are like the fishers for eels; in still waters they catch nothing, but if they thoroughly stir up the slime, their fishing is good; in the same way it's only in troublous times that you line your pockets.”
Aristophanes, The Knights

Richelle E. Goodrich
“Sorrow on another's face often looks like coldness, bitterness, resentment, unfriendliness, apathy, disdain, or disinterest when it is in truth purely sadness.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

Brandon Sanderson
“Why is it you trust my daughter so much when others almost universally revile her?"
"I consider their disdain for her to be a recommendation," he said.
"She is a heretic."
"She refused to join any of the devotaries because she did not believe in their teachings. Rather than compromise for the sake of appearances, she has been honest and has refused to make professions she does not believe. I find that a sign of honor.”
Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings

“So many people accuse and mistreat others just because of their present state of life, as if life is just a one day journey, and they forget that the story line can change tomorrow!”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Ring Lardner
“He looked at me as if I was a side dish he hadn't ordered.”
Ring Lardner

Amit Kalantri
“Arrogant men with knowledge make more noise from their mouth than making a sense from their mind.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Fernando Pessoa
“I don't even suffer. My disdain for everything is so complete that I even disdain myself. The contempt I have for the sufferings of others I also have for my own. And so all my suffering is crushed under the foot of my disdain.”
Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Its crazy when people of high moral standards, feel its okay for an intimate friend to insult them in a jovial way, forgeting that even casual friends can do just the same in a jovial way.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Kirtida Gautam
“I don't consider myself above the law, I consider myself above the principles.

~ Aarush Kashyap”
Kirtida Gautam, #iAm16iCan

“Jefferson also founded the first intentionally secularized university in America. His vision for the University of Virginia was for education finally free from traditional Christian dogma. He had a disdain for the influence that institutional Christianity had on education. At the University of Virginia there was no Christian curriculum and the school had no chaplain.”
Daryl C. Cornett

“Chapter 4,‘Organised abuse and the pleasures of disbelief’, uses Zizek’s (1991) insights into cite political role of enjoyment to analyse the hyperbole and scorn that has characterised the sceptical account of organised and ritualistic abuse. The central argument of this chapter is that organised abuse has come to public attention primarily as a subject of ridicule within the highly partisan writings of journalists, academics and activists aligned with advocacy groups for people accused of sexual abuse. Whilst highlighting the pervasive misrepresentations that characterise these accounts, the chapter also implicates media consumers in the production of ignorance and disdain in relation to organised abuse and women’s and children’s accounts of sexual abuse more generally.”
Michael Salter, Organised Sexual Abuse

Kirtida Gautam
“We sate on the terrace. Again gazing at the moon. I don't understand women's obsession with the moon, lunatics in the most literal sense.

~ Aarush Kashyap”
Kirtida Gautam, #iAm16iCan

“Authoritative people bore me: but what bores me even more are those swarms of little people who love authority and in virtue of whom the authority of the authoritative can be exercised.”
Nanamoli Thera

Brené Brown
“It doesn't matter if the group is a church or a gang or a sewing circle or masculinity itself, asking members to dislike, disown, or distance themselves from another group of people as a condition of 'belonging' is always about control and power. I think we have to question the intentions of any group that insists on disdain toward other people as a membership requirement. It may be disguised as belonging, but real belonging doesn't necessitate disdain.”
Brené Brown, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

John Updike
“Harry has heard this before. Thelma's voice is dutiful and deliberately calm, issuing small family talk when both know that what she wants to discuss is her old issue, that flared up a minute ago, of whether he loves her or not, or why at least he doesn't need her as much as she does him. But their relationship at the start was established with her in pursuit of him, and all the years since, of hidden meetings, of wise decisions to end it and thrilling abject collapses back into sex, have not disrupted the fundamental pattern of her giving and his taking, of her fearing their end more than he, and clinging, and disliking herself for clinging, and wanting to punish him for her dislike, and him shrugging and continuing to bask in the sun of her love, that rises every day whether he is there or not. He can't believe it, quite, and has to keep testing her.”
John Updike, Rabbit at Rest

Paul Louis Metzger
“God of the gaps” Christianity seeks to present Christianity as playing a strong savior role whereby it fills the gaps and provides the missing links for all of society’s questions and concerns. This entails the view of God riding into town and miraculously saving the day (deus ex machina). On this view, God delivers his people from their (and his) enemies—in Bonhoeffer’s case, the Nazis. In contrast, in Letters and Papers from Prison, Bonhoeffer writes that God allows us to push him out of the world and onto the cross.”
Paul Louis Metzger

Caitlin Crews
“In contrast to your usual minions, I imagine, I’m a bit more awed by your conceit and arrogance than I am by your supposed magnificence.”
Caitlin Crews, The Replacement Wife

“I loathe the happiness of all these people who don't know they're unhappy.”
Pessoa Fernando

Mark Helprin
“Disdain is only as intense as similarity.”
Mark Helprin, Freddy and Fredericka

“A cool water that allows fire to raise its temperature to a hundred Degree Celsius so as to make food in it well cooked is never a useless water”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah