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“A man like Dmitry was never irate. His coldness was only reflected in the manner in which he destroyed.”
Latrivia S. Nelson, Dmitry's Closet

“She raised her head finally. He looked the same, but then, he always did. She'd seem him kill twice, and he betrayed no reaction at all. He was a monster, not even human.

But he was her monster...”
anne stuart

“There was an infinitesimal pause while he watched her face, as though he half expected her to recognise it, before he went on, 'My friends call me Thorn,' and gave her a smile of such devastating charm that she blinked.

Her hand clasped in his, her senses zinging from his touch and that stunning smile, she stared into his dark, handsome face until, realising that she was gawking at him like some overgrown schoolgirl, she withdrew her hand and asked quickly, 'What do your enemies call you?”
Lee Wilkinson, Ruthless!

Dangerous Lee
“expecting one is the way to hurt yourself”
Dangerous Lee, The King of Erotica 5: The War: Dr.O.[Be]

Rich Hoffman
“I hope you achieve what you two are trying to do,” Rick said. “Just remember, the answer is almost never where everyone else has been looking. And the answer is almost always covered up by some kind of danger.”
Rich Hoffman

Alexis Abbott
“This girl is beyond forbidden. She is mafia royalty, a princess in her own right. She has lived and breathed a world that I have only watched and preyed upon from the shadows. She is a lamb being abducted by the wolf.”
Alexis Abbott, Killing for Her

Cindy Skaggs
“Nowhere felt safe, except in his arms, and that was an illusion. Next to Ryder was the most dangerous place of all.”
Cindy Skaggs, Live By The Team