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Amie Kaufman
“Then she smiles, and it turns out she has dimples, and it's all over.”
Amie Kaufman, These Broken Stars

Rainbow Rowell
“When she opened her door, Levi was sitting in the hallway, his legs bent in front of him, hunched forward on his knees. He looked up when she stepped out.
“I’m such an idiot,” he said.
Cath fell between his knees and hugged him.
“I can’t believe I said that,” he said. “I can’t even go nine hours without seeing you.”
Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl

“When did you first fall in love?"

"I think, I first fell in love
when I was in fifth grade
with this boy who kept his glass ruler in the sunlight
and made rainbows on my desk with it.”
Saiber, Stardust and Sheets

Louis Tomlinson
“I'm not perfect.
Never have been.
Never will be.

~ Louis Tomlinson”
Louis Tomlinson

Cassandra Clare
"oh, dear," said Tessa.
"I have that effect on women," Will said. "I probably should have warned you before you agreed to marry me."
"I can still change my mind," Tessa said sweetly.
"Don't you dare -," He began with a breathless half laugh, [...]”
Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess

Sarah J. Maas
“She shook off his grip. "I am what I am, and I don't particularly care what you think of me.”
"Well, I care what you think of me. I care enough that I stayed at this disgusting party for you. And I care enough that I'd attend a thousand more like it so I can spend a few hours with you when you aren't looking at me like I'M not worth the dirt beneath your shoes.”
Sarah J. Maas, The Assassin and the Empire

Jessica Shirvington
“You do. You're most beautiful just after you've woken up. It's always my favorite time, when we go for a run I the morning and I get to see you first thing." He kept playing with my hair.”
Jessica Shirvington, Enticed

Claire LaZebnik
“I just called you corny and said you were wearing a green dress. That's, like, the least flirtatious thing anyone's ever said."
"I'm willing to believe it's the least flirtatious thing you've ever said."
"Why are you so hard on me when I'm so nice to you?"
"Why are you so nice to me when I'm so hard on you?”
Claire LaZebnik, The Trouble with Flirting

Jennifer L. Armentrout
He nodded with a small grin. "I discovered about those years ago that I absolutely hate those damn things."
"But they're just bananas."
"They're the fruit of the devil."
A surprised laugh burst out of me. "That's ridiculous."
The half grin spread and the dimple appeared. "It's the truth. Now it's your turn.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, The Problem with Forever

Lynn Hagen
“But you’re the best cook ever, and I’m the best eater ever. We’re perfect for each other. Tank pouted.”
Lynn Hagen

“You didn’t do anything. But I won’t let anyone talk to you like that.. I don’t care who they are.”
“You ready to fight the whole town then, darlin’?”
She pursed her lips and said without even a bit of hesitation, “If I have to.”
Shelly Laurenston, Howl For It

Markus Zusak
“When Tommy walked forlornly home a short while later, Rudy tried what appeared to be a masterful new tactic.
On the step, he perused the mud that had dried as a crusty sheet on his uniform, then looked Liesel hopelessly in
the face. “What about it, Saumensch?”
“What about what?”
“You know. . . .”
Liesel responded in the usual fashion.
“Saukerl,” she laughed, and she walked the short distance home. A disconcerting mixture of mud and pity was
one thing, but kissing Rudy Steiner was something entirely different.
Smiling sadly on the step, he called out, rummaging a hand through his hair. “One day,” he warned her. “One
day, Liesel!”
Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

J.B. Hartnett
“You're beautiful, and I bet you..." He thought for a long moment and then he said, "I bet you another kiss on your eighteenth birthday, you are going to be beating guys off with a stick."
"Another kiss?" I laughed and heard it echo back at me through the woods. "I haven't been kissed yet. How can there be-"
Then it happened. I felt his tongue against my lips, and I panicked. What do I do? What do I do? I pulled away and exclaimed, "I don't know how!"
He chuckled and brought my head back to his. Then he showed me how.”
J.B. Hartnett, The Morbid and Sultry Tales of Genevieve Clare

Amelia Hutchins
“You should have been born a poet,” she whispered as she pulled away.

“Screw that,” he laughed as he placed a gentle kiss to her forehead. “I’d rather be a porn star,” he said”
Amelia Hutchins, A Demon's Dark Embrace

Lynn Hagen
“But you’re the best cook ever, and I’m the best eater ever. We’re perfect for each other.' Tank pouted.”
Lynn Hagen, Dagon's Ride

Brooklyn Skye
“Why do movies make this look so simple?” He leaned back and looked her straight in the eye, the smile winning. “One-handed bra removal is not easy. I call false reality.”

“Teen boys all over the world are going to hate themselves for not being able to do it.”

“Grown men, too.”

“Don’t forget Irish men.” Melody readjusted herself and sat up straighter. “Declan?” she whispered, tipping her face toward his. Then she ran her tongue over his mouth and pinned his other hand against his side. “I don’t want you to hate yourself. Don’t give up. You’ve got this.”
Brooklyn Skye, Just One Reason

J.M.  Richards
“Who are you?” he asked, in a bewildered tone. I cocked my head at him, totally baffled. “I told you. Anna Fisher. And I happen to be starving, so let’s go.” I tugged at his arm and led him back in line.”
J.M. Richards, Tall, Dark Streak of Lightning

Amelia Hutchins
“I should spank you; I didn’t enjoy you impulsively ditching me, but I did enjoy your driving.”

“Wait, back up. You…” She paused as she replayed what he’d said earlier. “I was watching for you; how the hell?”

“I think somewhere between screaming freedom, and crying your pretty little eyes out, you missed me sifting in and I was at a loss for the weirdness of the situation. I was also pretty sure you wanted some alone time”
Amelia Hutchins

Lemony Snicket
“but he was not looking at the view beneath him. He was looking beside him, where Violet Baudelaire was sitting,”
Lemony Snicket, The Slippery Slope

Darynda Jones
“The woman eyed Ubie a moment before grabbing a pen and writing down the dates I had. Ubie eyed her back. Sparks flew.”
Darynda Jones, First Grave on the Right

Veronica Rossi
“Entonces la besó, separando aquellos labios suaves con los suyos. Su sabor era perfecto, a lluvia nueva. El beso se hizo más profundo, recorrió su cuerpo con las manos, la atrajo hacia sí. Pero entonces ella se retiró y sonrió. Sin decir nada, le besó la nariz, la comisura de los labios, y después un hoyuelo de la mejilla. Cuando le levantó la camisa, creyó que el corazón iba a dejar de latirle. Él la ayudó y se la quitó por encima e la cabeza. Los ojos de Aria recorrieron aquel pecho, y sus dedos resiguieron las marcas. Él no lograba respirar más despacio.
-Perry, quiero verte la espalda.
Otra sorpresa, pero él asintió y se dio media vuelta. Echó la cabeza hacia delante y aprovechó el momento para intentar calmarse un poco. Aria dibujó con su dedo el perfil de sus alas sobre su piel, y él dio un respingo y soltó un gemido. Se maldijo a sí mismo: ni queriendo habría podido sonar más salvaje.
-Lo siento- susurró Aria.
Él carraspeó.”
Veronica Rossi, Under the Never Sky

Robin Friedman
“Reed: "I owe you big-time, Ronnie."
Ronnie: "You've been my best friend since kindergarten, Reed. I owe you big-time."
That's the kind of friend she is.”
Robin Friedman, The Girlfriend Project

“everybody say's that blue eyed is a freak,
but i say that my blue is unique!”

Jules Barnard
“You're not a loser. You're almost as smart as me, which makes you one of the smartest people on the planet.”
Jules Barnard, Deep Blue