Confidence Vs Arrogance Quotes

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Stieg Larsson
“He was a cocky devil. Lisbeth liked cocky devils, just as she detested pompous jerks. There was only a subtle difference.”
Stieg Larsson, The Girl Who Played with Fire

“Like all vain men, he had moments of unreasonable confidence.”
Warren Eyster, The Goblins of Eros

Sanhita Baruah
“A world full of "certainties"
All the plans, all the vanities.
Where black covers the white
Suited in "confidence"- the constant fight.
A million roads I dream to take
One destination, knowing not I turn where.
A green veil covers for two years, some two decades.
But the "plan" awaits, new roads to make.
I pant, I struggle, I do my best
While they say,
"You are, dear, but so inadequate".”
Sanhita Baruah

“There is a really great difference between confidence and pride. When you’re confident, it’s like, “I can do this.” But when you’re proud, it’s like “Only I can do this.”
Aakanksha Kesarwani

Stewart Stafford
“Confidence is when you believe in yourself and your abilities, arrogance is when you think you are better than others and act accordingly. You could say that arrogance is false confidence and that the person displaying it is overcompensating for their inner inadequacies.”
Stewart Stafford