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“Light can only be understood with the wisdom of darkness.”
Ka Chinery, Perceptions from the Photon Frequency: The Ascended Version

“A few steps back is sometimes needed to find clarity in the confusion.”
April Mae Monterrosa

Benjamin Hoff
“Knowledge and cleverness tend to concern themselves with the wrong sorts of things, and a mind confused by knowledge, cleverness and abstract ideas tends to go chasing after things that don't matter, or that don't even exists, instead of seeing, appreciating, and making use of what is fit in front of it.”
Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

Jay Woodman
“I honour the clarity of the present moment, and the stillness at the centre of being (mine & others), even in the midst of so much doing.”
Jay Woodman

“We are disposable tonight.
We are regrettable tonight.
We can’t touch one another without the world imploding, tonight.”
Adrianna Stepiano, Impossible to Compose: Love in Poems

Tripta Arora
“Things in black and white are far better than things in grey!!”
Tripta Arora, The Beauty of Imperfection

“To be clear to the scriptures is to be clear to the original plan of creation”
Sunday Adelaja

Anne Clendening
“Whatever made this world and everything in it isn’t wrong, it’s miraculous. Typos are wrong. That’s about it.”
Anne Clendening, Bent: How Yoga Saved My Ass