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“The manifestation of miracles without the maturity of saints through the teaching of God's word is a sign of deception but where there is the constant teaching of the truth of God's word the move of God's Spirit will never be lacking.”
Kingsley Opuwari Manuel

Gary Rohrmayer
“As the church get older and older it becomes harder to keep evangelism on the front burner because of all the competing issues that keeps pushing it back.”
Gary Rohrmayer, Church Planting Landmines

Erwin W. Lutzer
“Church growth experts tell us that most people seeking a new church care little about its doctrines. They're mostly interested in the facilities of the church, its nursery, and opportunities for friendship. . . .The experts tell us that today's church members will switch churches at a moment's notice if they think that their personal and relational needs will be better met elsewhere--even if the doctrine taught is at best, suspect. Thus some will opt for better facilities and architecture even at the expense of jeopardizing their own soul.”
Erwin W. Lutzer, Rescuing the Gospel: The Story and Significance of the Reformation