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Maya Angelou
“I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way (s)he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.”
Maya Angelou

Deborah Meyler
“The Christmas trees are brought from Vermont by monosyllabic men in warm clothes; they seem alien, closer to the earth, silently contemptuous, like gypsies. They bring in their trees and stand them up on the pavements, so that swaths of Broadway are suddenly transformed into dark, pine-scented avenues.”
Deborah Meyler, The Bookstore

Robert Frost
“My woods...the young fir balsams like a place
Where houses all are churches and have spires.”
Robert Frost, Mountain Interval

Christina Lauren
“I shuffle over to the tree, sliding beneath it and lying on my back so I can look up through the gnarled branches. It's a kaleidoscope of color and texture: the smooth light bulbs, the prickly pine needles. Ornaments of glass, and silk, and spiky metallic stars. A little wooden drummer Theo gave Ricky nearly twenty years ago. Laminated paper ornaments of our handprints from preschool, handmade ceramic blobs that were supposed to be pigs, or cows, or dogs. Nothing matches; there's no theme. But there is so much love in this tree, so much history.”
Christina Lauren, In a Holidaze

Richard Brautigan
“Hello, sir. Yes...Uh-huh...Yes...You say that you want to bury your aunt with a Christmas tree in her coffin? Uh-huh...She wanted it that way...I'll see what I can do for you, sir. Oh, you have the measurements of the coffin with you? Very good...We have our coffin-sized Christmas trees right over here, sir.”
Richard Brautigan, Trout Fishing in America

James Barbato
“I followed the footprints until they stopped in front of a very old mysterious tree - a grandfather tree”
James Barbato, The Magic Christmas Ornament

“Trimmed Christmas trees are like snowflakes. Even in the same home over the years no two are ever alike.”
Southern Living Inc., Southern Living Christmas All Through The South: Casual Food, Decorating, and Entertaining Ideas to Make the Season Merry