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Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.
“As goes the family, so goes the faith; as goes the faith, so goes the culture.”
Kenneth L. Gentry Jr., The Greatness of the Great Commission: The Christian Enterprise in a Fallen World

Gary North
“There is no doubt that Christianity teaches pluralism, but a very special kind of pluralism: plural institutions under God's single comprehensive law system. It does not teach a pluralism of law structures, or a pluralism of moralities, for this sort of hypothetical legal pluralism (as distinguished from institutional pluralism) is always either polytheistic or humanistic...”
Gary North, Political Polytheism: The Myth Of Pluralism

Gary North
“The basis for building a Christian society is evangelism and missions that lead to a widespread Christian revival, so that the great mass of earth's inhabitants will place themselves under Christ's protection, and then voluntarily use his covenantal laws for self-government. Christian reconstruction begins with personal conversion to Christ and self-government under God's law; then it spreads to others through revival; and only later does it bring comprehensive changes in civil law, when the vast majority of voters voluntarily agree to live under biblical blueprints.”
Gary North