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“And one day, as she was buried deep in her thoughts,
she heard a still small voice ask her
"If you could go back in life,
what would you have done differently?"
And without missing a beat
she answered, "I would have chosen me"
And finally, she made the choice..”
Henna Sohail

Neeraj Singhvi
“God has devised ways for all of us to live, but it is for us to choose how.”
Neeraj Singhvi, Temple of Destiny

“It’s Choose Day

Don’t try too much in getting people’s approval.If you want to be accepted by others.You must first choose to accept yourself.”
De philosopher DJ Kyos

Steven Redhead
“Always choose carefully what to accept and incorporate into your reality.”
Steven Redhead, Life Is A Cocktail

“When choosing friends, be careful of those who are not willing to rise up to be at your level, but who are trying everything in their power to bring you down to their level.”
De philosopher DJ Kyos

“Choose not to ridicule, humiliate, harm , mock or make fun of others for sake of likes, retweets & comments.Choose not to hurt others, for the sake of being liked or being popular.Remember whatever you do has rewards or has consequences. People your making fun of or hurting might not respond to you, but Karma & life will deal with you.”
De philosopher DJ Kyos

“Choose to respect other people humble beginnings. We all started somewhere to be where we are today. If you far ahead, don’t laugh at those behind you. If you are behind. Don’t try to stop those in front of you. Choose to respect other people hustles.”
De philosopher DJ Kyos