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Carlos Ruiz Zafón
“Delving into the past had unveiled a cruel lesson - that in the book of life it is perhaps best not to turn back pages; it was a path on which, whatever direction we took, we'd never be able to choose our own destiny.”
Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Midnight Palace

Todd Perelmuter
“We can choose our beliefs. We can choose to believe in ourselves. We can choose to believe in any higher power or powers we want. We can choose to believe it will all work out. We just have to believe that we can believe.”
Todd Perelmuter, Spiritual Words to Live by : 81 Daily Wisdoms and Meditations to Transform Your Life

Ryan Lilly
“The choice to make good choices is the best choice you can choose. Fail to make that choice and on most choices you will lose.”
Ryan Lilly

Brittany Burgunder
“I don't have the perfect roadmap drawn out, but I do know which roads I'll never drive down again.”
Brittany Burgunder

Maddy Malhotra
“Every morning, you have a choice either to make your day relaxed or stressful.
To be thankful for what you have or to complain about what you don’t have.
To count your achievements and celebrate them, or to dwell on the mistakes of your past and feel bad.
To take action to make things better, or
to continue on in mediocrity.”
Maddy Malhotra, How to Build Self-Esteem and Be Confident: Overcome Fears, Break Habits, Be Successful and Happy

Patti Digh
“We are always - always- in choice.”
Patti Digh, Creative Is a Verb: If You're Alive, You're Creative

Patti Digh
“We can either own our circumstances and be creative in them, or we can throw up our hands and say, I cannot be held accountable because the conditions are not ideal.”
Patti Digh, Creative Is a Verb: If You're Alive, You're Creative

“We pick and choose who to love. We pick and choose who to hate. We pick and choose our friends and ignore those that invade our space.

We pick and choose who should live. We pick and choose who should die. We pick and choose who we say hello to and ignore a dying loners cry.

We pick and choose who to be real to. We pick and choose to be fake to. We pick and choose who is worthy of our affections or beneath us or we can relate to.

We pick and choose our dreams. We pick and choose our destiny. We pick and choose what we think will bring out the best in me.

We pick and choose to reach the pinnacle. We pick and choose because of our power of choice. We sometimes pick and choose while never really considering the consequences of our voice.”
Willis Robinson

Donna Goddard
“The worst place is at the fork. You can’t keep going the same direction as you came. You have to choose one or other path. Whatever the choice, at least, it is movement. Otherwise, you are just forking around getting nowhere.”
Donna Goddard, Circles of Separation

“Every choice we have ever made equals who we are in this moment. If tomorrow comes, choose wisely.”
Willie Herath, I believe in Jesus & science: is that possible?

Jack Campbell
“The road my elders dictate is a narrow one, and I no longer believe it to be the road to wisdom. I choose my ow road. I choose to do the right thing, as you call it. I would not choose another companion for that road, and should you choose to walk that road with me, it would be..," his voice faltered, unable to put words to Alain's feelings, but he met her eyes, trying to let his feelings show. Perhaps he succeeded this time, because once again Mari blushed and bent her head.”
Jack Campbell, The Hidden Masters of Marandur

“And one day, as she was buried deep in her thoughts, she heard a still small voice ask her
"If you could go back in life,
what would you have done differently?"
And without missing a beat she answered,
"I would have chosen me"
And finally, she made the choice...”
Henna Sohail

R.J. Blizzard
“There are no dead ends in life's journey; there are no crossroads, no forks in the road. People who chose not to see reality, see the world as a tangled maze of intersections, forks in the road, and dead ends. These are illusions of people who follow the well trampled wide path woven out by others. This is not their true path. Life's true sojourn reveals a long winding narrow path that only you can choose. Few have the courage to walk it.”
RJ Blizzard

“Choose your vibes or the vibes will choose you”

Taylor Jenkins Reid
“But she understood that while the circumstances were almost unrecognizable, she did still have the instincts they’d given her. After all, when they could not have a child, they went out in search of one. They had taught her that family is found, that whether it be blood or circumstance or choice, what binds us does not matter. All that matters is that we are bound.”
Taylor Jenkins Reid, Malibu Rising