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John Green
“Lady and gentleman, when my parents left Korea with nothing but the clothes on their backs and the considerable wealth they had amassed in the shipping business, they had a dream. They had a dream that one day amid the snowy hilltops of western North Carolina, their son would lose his virginity to a cheerleader in the woman's bathroom of a Waffle House just off the interstate. My parents have sacrificed so much for this dream! And that is why we must journey on, despite all trials and tribulations! Not for me and least of all for the poor cheerleader in question, but for my parents and indeed for all immigrants who came to his great nation in what they themselves could never have: CHEERLEADER SEX.”
John Green, Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances

Megan Abbott
“That’s what people never understand: They see us hard little pretty things, brightly lacquered and sequin-studded, and they laugh, they mock, they arouse themselves. They miss everything. You see, these glitters and sparkle dusts and magicks? It’s war paint, it’s feather and claws, it’s blood sacrifice.”
Megan Abbott, Dare Me

Jennifer Lynn Barnes
“Little-known fact about cheerleaders: They keep schedules that would make grown marines cry.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Killer Spirit

Megan Abbott
“This is my body, and I can make it do things. I can make it spin, flip, fly.”
Megan Abbott, Dare Me

Richelle E. Goodrich
“Moms are life's number one cheerleaders without uniforms.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

Kristin Walker
“Todd came toward me with the squad trailing behind him like a street gang of angry thugs with breasts.”
Kristin Walker, A Match Made in High School

Katie Alender
“I'd always assumed Beth and I would be friends forever. But then in middle of the eighth grade, the Goldbergs went through the World's Nastiest Divorce.
Beth went a little nuts.
I don't blame her. When her dad got involved with this twenty-one year old dental hygienist, Beth got involved with the junk food aisle at the grocery store. She carried processed snack cakes the way toddlers carry teddy bears. She gained, like, twenty pounds, but I didn't think it was a big deal. I figured she'd get back to her usual weight once the shock wore off.
Unfortunately, I wasn't the only person who noticed.
May 14 was 'Fun and Fit Day" at Surry Middle School, so the gym was full of booths set up by local health clubs and doctors and dentists and sports leagues, all trying to entice us to not end up as couch potatoes. That part was fine. What wasn't fine was when the whole school sat down to watch the eighth-grade cheerleaders' program on physical fitness.”
Katie Alender, Bad Girls Don't Die

Leila Sales
United we stand, divided we fall

Just watch us as we beat ya’ll.

You say ‘brother against brother’?

Well, my brother screwed your mother

And she liked it!

We’ll kick your shins and break your knee

’Cause all you got is Robert E. Lee.


Leila Sales, Past Perfect

Mari Mancusi
“I can’t go on saving the world if it means neglecting my duties as a cheerleader.”
Mari Mancusi, Girls That Growl

Kathy Griffin
“I was a soccer cheerleader. It doesn’t get nerdier than that. I was fired from the soccer cheerleading squad after one year, which I believe to this day is unprecedented. You have to understand, no one went to the soccer games. In fact, I believe part of my duties as a cheerleader was to bake brownies for the team.”
Kathy Griffin, Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin

Laura   Thomas
“There is room for us all— room for all our babies and books and husbands and houses and ministries and master’s degrees. So let’s go out of our way to be cheerleaders for our sisters who are killing it out there and succeeding in crazy ways!”
Laura Thomas

Mari Mancusi
“Why be a vampire if you aren’t going to take advantage of the basic wardrobe?”
Mari Mancusi, Girls That Growl

Mari Mancusi
“As I walk down the halls of Oakridge High, dressed in a black lacy Lolita dress, fishnets, and platform boots, swinging my Beetlejuice lunchbox, I wonder if this really was such a good idea.”
Mari Mancusi, Girls That Growl

Mari Mancusi
“A vegetarian vampire is weird.”
Mari Mancusi, Girls That Growl

“Going over
And under,
Standing at attention like a soldier.”

Louis Yako
“[honest and talented American employees] spend so much time in mediocre meetings listening to superficial ideas presented by the powerful few at every workplace. Their hearts and minds are constantly agonizing as they see the mediocrity of the powerful few being praised by circles of cheerleaders found in most workplaces. The cheerleaders are usually there for the paycheck, and they do a great job in making mediocrity be mistaken for creativity and innovation.”
Louis Yako

Louis Yako
“In brief, anyone who has worked at one or two workplaces in America is familiar with that type of middle management or upper management individuals whose job is almost exclusively to create unnecessary tasks and procedures that turn the lives of employees under them into an absolute nightmare. What usually happens under such toxic circumstances? Nothing. A deafening silence from most employees. In fact, many employees not only remain silent out of fear of getting fired, they go as far as putting on fake smiles (or even loud laughter) to survive. Some walk around the office with the attitude of ‘I love my job!’ ‘I love my life!’ ‘I am living the dream!’ to please middle and upper management.”
Louis Yako