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Andrew Vachss
“If a train is coming at you, closing your eyes won't save you ... but if you look right at it, you at least have a chance to jump.”
Andrew Vachss, The Weight

Lyanda Lynn Haupt
“In spite of the string of magazine covers announcing the contrary, we all know that ten simple things will not save the earth. There are, rather, three thousand impossible things that all of us must do, and changing our light bulbs, while necessary, is the barest beginning. We are being called upon to act against a prevailing culture, to undermine our own entrenched tendency to accumulate and to consume, and to refuse to define our individuality by our presumed ability to do whatever we want.”
Lyanda Lynn Haupt, Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness

“We are puzzle pieces, bragging about being puzzle pieces, rather than being the picture.”
Tom Althouse, The Frowny Face Cow

Sherry K. White
“Obeying a prophetic call to action brings positive benefits.”
Sherry K. White, Walking in the Father's Riches: The Prosperity of Sonship

“Pull the trigger.”
Troy Rawlings

“Sometimes shit's gotta be done and I just fuckin' do it!”
Manuel Mongrain

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