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“Friendship plants itself as a small unobtrusive seed; over time, it grows thick roots that wrap around your heart. When a love affair ends, the tree is torn out quickly, the operation painful but clean. Friendship withers quietly, there is always hope of revival. Only after time has passed do you recognise that it is dead, and you are left, for years afterwards, pulling dry brown fibres from your chest.”
Anna Lyndsey, Girl in the Dark

“When we have no reason to be happy we often think to end ourselves, We often think we have no one in this world, it happens when our loved ones leave us and make us alone in this vast universe.”

“I used to know you the best and now I don't even remember your name.”
Mya Waechtler

“Every time i think of you not because i am alone but for the change that i have seen in you in such a short time was the reason, i wonder how can a person change in such a short time, Was that friendship between us or all was just a dream which was now haunting me every moment of my life, I am still that person but were you the same?”
Debolina Bhawal

Julie Eshbaugh
“Friendship requires truth, and there is no truth in her.”
Julie Eshbaugh, Ivory and Bone

Katie McGarry
“Because I want us to be friends again. I made some really bad choices, and I'm sorry. You're leaving for Florida and if we don't fix this now, it won't be fixed.”
Katie McGarry, Crossing the Line

“Behind many broken friendships there is a marriage.”
Pratik Akkawar

“We can't feel the lose of a friend until they are apart from us.”