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Sanober  Khan
“May you
always have
breezy spaces
in your mind.”
Sanober Khan

Michael  Grant
“Who are you?’ Gaia gasped.
The girl froze for a moment.
Looked at her. Smiled and said, ‘Who am I? I’m the Breeze, bitch!”
Michael Grant

Munia Khan
“If lighthouse becomes a burning candle,
flickered upon ocean's insanity.
Your sailing heart there anchors to handle
the obsessed breeze towards sand dune's vanity.”
Munia Khan

“Tonight I miss you like the sky misses his moon; a delicate epiphany growing on grass. I serenade the breeze into dancing a cha cha cha; the mountains echo in the background. September sky never looked more charming; or the sublime petals of the rose looked so graceful.”
Avijeet Das

“Sometimes all you need to do is just hold on to yourself! Look at the stars in the sky, listen to the sweet murmurings of the breeze, inhale the fragrance of the night, and you will feel fine!”
Avijeet Das

“You don't wait for love to happen to you. You go out there and feel the breeze and sniff the air! The fragrance of love will come wafting towards you in no time!”
Avijeet Das

“I heard the breeze whisper your name to the trees. And the flowers giggled smiling at the leaves. I and my loneliness keep talking about you.”
Avijeet Das

“The unknown breeze came wafting towards us and filled our hearts with the fragrance of love!”
Avijeet Das

“I am the breeze. I drift and I wander. I meet people and i touch their hearts. but people don't stay with me. They leave me. And I keep on drifting and keep on wandering. That's my life.”
Avijeet Das

“There is a strange breeze that flows from the mountains. The breeze is tender yet harsh, sublime yet subtle, and it drifts from place to place in search of a nothingness. I am that breeze and I can't belong to one place or to anyone. I am the wanderer and wandering is my destiny.”
Avijeet Das

“When the tender breeze brought me your fragrance I felt alive!”
Avijeet Das