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Jonathan Harnisch
“The drug I take is called schizophrenia, among other labels, which I desperately want to put away. I want to put the drug of schizophrenia down, and I want to put down the stigma surrounding its label.”
Jonathan Harnisch, Second Alibi: The Banality of Life

“When it was time to board my flight, I took one last glance back. I knew that I had everything with me so it was not a "make sure I have everything" glance. It was more like a parting glance to Philadelphia, my home, America- for I would not be coming back for ten months. (Ch 5- Twenty in Paris)”
Andrea Bouchaud, Twenty in Paris: A Young American Perspective of Studying Abroad in Paris

Viraj J. Mahajan
“Describing colors to a blind is what writing is all about.”
Viraj J. Mahajan, A Young Admirer