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Paul Monette
“Summer has always been good to me, even the bittersweet end, with the slanted yellow light.”
Paul Monette, Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir

Paul Monette
“Summer has always been good to me, even the bittersweet end, with the slant of yellow light.”
Paul Monette, Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir

Mie Hansson
“We quenched the bulging flame, amongst
the ashes embers of fire remain”
Mie Hansson, Where Pain Thrives

Edward Albee
“George: Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Martha: I am, George. I am.”
Edward Albee, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Mie Hansson
“I wore you on me at all times
Like I now carry my pen.
Unlike your own opinion my
Belongings must have a function.
You bled through the ink of my lines and
To be my subject nursed your thirst.

Was it my fault, or your own, that you forgot
—I do not deal in tender verse.”
Mie Hansson, Where Pain Thrives

“Have I ever seen a star breaking from the sky? Or is it you falling from eye?”
Wrushank Sorte

“For that short space of time, she forgot she was sad and a little afraid. She let herself forget that after tonight, she might never see him again and that if she did, whatever it was between them would no longer exist.

When he deepened the kiss and his weight pressed her against the ground, she forgot everything, losing herself in a wave of sensation that carried no threat, inspired no fear, and belonged to no one but her.”
Elle Todd, The Vanguard

Michael    Grant
“Why do people do evil things?
Messenger's answer stunned me, "Why did you?”
Michael Grant

“And then there's Ireneo. I know I'll probably never see him again, but I'm not sad. The mark he left on me, the way he passed through me, that cannot be erased. Maybe this is what "love is forever" means: it's not timeless, but it leaves a mark so deep that it accompanies us all our life.”
Assia Petricelli, Per sempre

Terry Pratchett
“Yes, I Know,” said the ghost of the golem. “It Is Perfect. I Am Free.”
Terry Pratchett

Mladen Đorđević
“Who would have thought that freedom has the shape and weight of the chains?”
Mladen Đorđević, Svetioničar - Pomračenje

Ellen Marie Francisco
“We sleep in spooned positions for most of the night, comforting each other, holding on, not desperately, but with the certainty that we are over, recognizing that our love for each other isn't enough. We wake and something I'd forgotten stirred in me. I reach for him. Kiss him and let him kiss me back. Exploring each other with a recognition I know will comfort me later. And then he's inside me and I remember who we are. There is still love and I can dance this liquid dance and let it move me. He stops, pulls himself away from me, taking my breath with him. He lies there and I feel his tears on my flesh. His tears. All this time together and I had no idea he could cry.”
Ellen Marie Francisco, Catastrophic Expectations: Sex, Love, and the Pursuit of Marriage

Shelby Van Pelt
“How does it feel, you ask? It is comfortable. It is home. I am lucky. I am grateful”
Shelby Van Pelt, Remarkably Bright Creatures