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Kristen Ashley
“Call me hopeless romantic but I want to see my friend with the guy she's been pining for forever.... I want that more than anything on this earth.”
Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick Revenge

Robin Hobb
“Fitz: Shall we get up tomorrow and go looking for a wild pig?
Nighteyes: I didn’t lose any wild pigs, did you?”
Robin Hobb, Fool's Errand

Cassandra Clare
“For the first time, he looked at her, and she wasn’t a stranger, she was Clary—his friend. His family. The girl he’d sworn always to protect. The girl he loved as fiercely as he loved himself.”
Cassandra Clare, The Lost Herondale

Heather Hepler
“White lies are in chapter two of the bestfriend handbook. They are to be used sparingly and only under extreme circumstances. I'm pretty sure finding out your boyfriend of more than a year is a total jerk qualifies.”
Heather Hepler, Love? Maybe

Georgia Cates
“I hope you know CPR because you are going to take Jessie's breath away.”
Georgia Cates, Going Under

Jessica Sorensen
“Just you and me against the world.

Always and forever.”
Jessica Sorensen, The Ever After of Ella and Micha

“Best friend is like a pen and we're the paper. We'll not complete without their ink”
Lucy 'Aisy

Shannon L. Alder
“A best friend is someone that will stand in your storm and tell you the lightening is beautiful just to make you realize that your heart was worth getting soaked.”
Shannon L. Alder

“I won't let my best friends do silly,stupid,annoying,funny things
-WITHOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!”
Azhly Antenor

Leah Thomas
“Who'd have thoght I could miss someone I've never actually met? Me. I've thought that. I miss tons of things I've never seen, and now you most of all.”
Leah Thomas

“We grew up on the same street,
You and me.
We went to the same schools,
Rode the same bus,
Had the same friends,
And even shared spaghetti
With each other's families.
And though our roots belong to
The same tree,
Our branches have grown
In different directions.
Our tree,
Now resembles a thousand
Other trees
In a sea of a trillion
Other trees
With parallel destinies
And similar dreams.
You cannot envy the branch
That grows bigger
From the same seed,
And you cannot
Blame it on the sun's direction.
But you still compare us,
As if we're still those two
Kids at the park
Slurping down slushies and
Eating ice cream.

Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun (2010)”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Elizabeth Gannon
“He had the strangest feeling come over him, which he'd never before known. Like he was meeting his best friend, for the first time. It was recognition mixed with relief...but also some amount of joy. Like, "Oh, there you are! It's so great to meet you finally! I've missed you!”
Elizabeth Gannon, Nobody Likes Fairytale Pirates

Lindsey Kelk
“The point of the list wasn't just to tick items off and forget about them, it was to learn something new.”
Lindsey Kelk, The Single Girl's To-Do List

Annora Rose
“Do I seriously have to go on this date? I mean seriously what if he's like the last one?"
Jana complained to her best friend of Fifteen Years, as Destiny replied,
"Girl, I have already settled down and had a child, you need to give this guy a chance heck who knows Gunther could be the one ever thought of that?"
Jana rolled her eyes then looked herself in the mirror she has brunette short hair,grey eyes,five feet ten inches, one hundred eighty pounds and loves to be outgoing with her friends.”
Annora Rose, Annabel's Fate

“It's not easy to be friends with me, actually. Besides a chooser I am also a loner. Everytime I pushed them away they just gave me space and time and after all those breaks they keep coming back. They are ready for my "3 AM text" , they are ready for my "disregard", they are ready for my ups and downs, they are ready for my weirdness, for my moods, ready for my solitude....for years. They touched me in the way no other people did. They touched me in silence. Maybe I can live without them. But God has given them as a gift for my hapiness.”
Glad Munaiseche