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Rick Riordan
“Purple light passed over the paper, but nothing happened.
"Next!" Amy said. She was sure the man in black was going to burst in on them any second.
"Whoa!" Dan said.
Amy gripped his arm. "You found it?"
"No, but look! This whole essay - 'To the Royal Academy.' He wrote a whole essay on farts!" Dan grinned with delight. "He's proposing a scientific study on different fart smells. You're right, Amy. This guy was a genius!”
Rick Riordan, The Maze of Bones

Benjamin Franklin
“He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals.”
Benjamin Franklin

E. Haldeman-Julius
Ben Franklin said:
"Early to bed and early to rise
Make a man healthy wealthy and wise"

Lately I have read the advice given to William Randolph Hearst, when a young man, by his father:
"Go downtown at noon and rob the other fellows of what they have made during the morning.”
E. Haldeman-Julius

Benjamin Franklin
“[M]y father discourag'd me by ridiculing my performances, and telling me verse-makers were generally beggars. So I escaped being a poet, most probably a very bad one.”
Benjamin Franklin

“If you want people to believe you, accept your ideas, or follow you, just tell them 'Ben Franklin said it…..”
Richard Kent Matthews

Monet Edmundson
“Great job, you just executed Ben Franklin! - Otto Ray”
Monet Polny, The Lincoln Spy