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Douglas Coupland
“Do you think we enjoy hearing about your brand-new million-dollar home when we can barely afford to eat Kraft Dinner sandwiches in our own grimy little shoe boxes and we're pushing thirty? A home you won in a genetic lottery, I might add, sheerly by dint of your having been born at the right time in history? You'd last about ten minutes if you were my age these days.”
Douglas Coupland, Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
“And I apologize to all of you who are the same age as my grandchildren. And many of you reading this are the same age as my grandchildren. They, like you, are being royally shafted and lied to by our Baby Boomer corporations and government.”
Kurt Vonnegut Jr., A Man Without a Country

Maggie Georgiana Young
“Millennials: We lost the genetic lottery. We graduated high school into terrorist attacks and wars. We graduated college into a recession and mounds of debt. We will never acquire the financial cushion, employment stability, and material possessions of our parents. We are often more educated, experienced, informed, and digitally fluent than prior generations, yet are constantly haunted by the trauma of coming of age during the detonation of the societal structure we were born into. But perhaps we are overlooking the silver lining. We will have less money to buy the material possessions that entrap us. We will have more compassion and empathy because our struggles have taught us that even the most privileged can fall from grace. We will have the courage to pursue our dreams because we have absolutely nothing to lose. We will experience the world through backpacking, couch surfing, and carrying on interesting conversations with adventurers in hostels because our bank accounts can't supply the Americanized resorts. Our hardships will obligate us to develop spiritual and intellectual substance. Maybe having roommates and buying our clothes at thrift stores isn't so horrible as long as we are making a point to pursue genuine happiness.”
Maggie Young

Romain Gary
“Your generation is suffering from what for lack of a better word I shall call over-debunk. There was a lot of debunking that had to be done, of course. Bigotry, militarism, nationalism, religious intolerance, hypocrisy, phonyness, all sorts of dangerous, ready-made, artificially preserved false values. But your generation and the generation before yours went too far with their debunking job. You went overboard. Over-debunk, that's what you did. It's moral overkill. It's like those insecticides Rachel Carson speaks of in her book, that poison everything, and kill all the nice, useful bugs as well as the bad ones, and in the end poison human beings as well. In the end, it poisons life itself, the very air we breathe. That's what you did, morally and intellectually speaking. Yours is a silent spring. You have overprotected yourselves. You are all no more than twenty, twenty-two years old, but yours is a silent spring, I'm telling you. Nothing sings for you any more.”
Romain Gary, خداحافظ گاری کوپر

David Mamet
“The baby boomer generation, my own, is content, if of the Left, to live out our remaining years upon the work and upon the entitlements created by our parents, and to entail the costs upon our children--to tax industry out of the country, to tax wealth away from its historical role and use as the funder of innovation.”
David Mamet, The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture

“It takes one a long time to become young. - Picasso”
Patsy Asuncion

Stephen King
“Because we never got out. We never got out of the green. Our generation died there.”
Stephen King, Hearts in Atlantis

“The message was clear for baby boomers everywhere: Kurt Cobain was not merely some rock 'n' roll icon who couldn't handle drugs. In ways that were important to recognize, he was every parent's child.”
Kurt St. Thomas, Nirvana: The Chosen Rejects

Pew Research Center
“In recent years a smaller share of young adults has been employed than at any time since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started tracking such trends in 1948. So it's not surprising that this generation of youthful protesters has a different focus for their grievances: the economy, stupid. But notice the targets they've chosen to demonize. It's all about class, not age. It's 1% versus 99%, not young versus old. Occupy Wall Street, not Occupy Leisure World.”
Pew Research Center, The Next America: Boomers, Millennials, and the Looming Generational Showdown

Jennifer Romolini
“I'm loath to bring up the E word here, and I'm even more embarrassed to talk about "millennials" in this way because it is a terrible cliché you've heard a hundred million times, and it is not a cliché I actually believe to be true. However, in writing a book for people in their twenties in 2017, I'd be remiss to not discuss this biggest criticism against them. If you are a twenty-something working in the world of Gen Xers and baby boomers, many older people think you are entitled. This is probably not news to you. Your bosses meet over glasses of wine and get parent drunk about how lazy you are and how you don't respect authority and don't take initiative and also what a pain in the ass and entitled they feel you are. Boo-hoo.
It doesn't matter that the assessment is a wild, sweeping stereotype, nor that it's not actually true or fair--after managing millennials successfully for years, I know it's not. There's not an entire generation of lazy jerks walking around, waiting to steal jobs and assignments they don't deserve. Also, people of all ages can and do act entitled, and this is just a tidy, cantankerous way to label a whole census block of folks and make them seem less threatening because some people (cough cough: olds) feel afraid that they might be aging out of their careers and not feel as relevant as before.”
Jennifer Romolini, Weird in a World That's Not: A Career Guide for Misfits, F*ckups, and Failures

Cate East
“Due to their tendency to micromanage, they left little for their millennial and Gen Z children to work on themselves, resulting in the current problem of “adulting”—more so felt by the millennials, often being their eldest children.”
Cate East, Generational Astrology: How Astrology Can Crack the Millennial Code

Erica Jong
“Whatever science has done to destroy the world, it has unquestionably saved the lives of women and their babies. Nature is not gentle with us when left to her own devices. Now we survive childbirth and face the dilemma turning fifty. Mary Wollstonecraft never trod this path.
Greedy for more and more life, we seldom appreciate what we have. Many of my friends have become mothers in their forties and their babies are beautiful and smart. We have extended the limits of life, yet we dare to rage at growing old.
It seems damned ungrateful. But then we baby boomers are a damned ungrateful bunch. Nobody gave us limits. So we are good at squandering and complaining, bad at gratitude. And when we discover life has limits, we try to wreck ourselves in anger before we learn the importance of surrender. We are the AA kids, the qualification generation. We have to be hurled to the bottom again and again before we come to understand that life is about surrender. And if the bottom doesn't rise to meet us, we dive into it, carrying our loved ones with us.
Only a lucky few swim back up to air and light.”
Erica Jong, Fear of Fifty: A Midlife Memoir

Erica Jong
“All this mundane: merely the ordinary experience of my whiplash generation. Caught between our mothers (who stayed home) and the next generation (who took the right to achieve for granted), we suffered all the transitions of women's history inside our skulls. Whatever we did felt wrong. And whatever we did was fiercely criticized. That was the fate of our generation.”
Erica Jong, Fear of Fifty: A Midlife Memoir

Erica Jong
“Sometimes it seems both our kids and our parents were smarter than we were. We fell somewhere between our parents' thirties idealism and our kids' eighties cynicism. Somewhere deep down we still believe that all we need is love, love, love. Somewhere deep down we question how we got grey hair. How on earth did we get to be the grown-ups?
The wonder is that our kids are growing up -- despite all that we did to destroy them.

Erica Jong, Fear of Fifty: A Midlife Memoir

Erica Jong
“Sometimes it seems both our kids and our parents were smarter than we were. We fell somewhere between our parents' thirties idealism and our kids' eighties cynicism. Somewhere deep down we still believe that all we need is love, love, love. Somewhere deep down we question how we got grey hair. How on earth did we get to be the grown-ups?
The wonder is that our kids are growing up -- despite all that we did to destroy them.”
Erica Jong, Fear of Fifty: A Midlife Memoir

Erica Jong
“My generation grew up with an imposed myth: the myth of happily ever after -- (and makes you do the same). Whether we wrote this myth or its opposite -- there is no prince, and ever if there is, he never comes, and even if he comes, he never makes you come -- we were still seeing our lives in terms of this myth. Pro-prince or anti-prince, the terms of the debate were defined -- and not by us. We tried to write other myths -- some day my princess will come or I am my own princess so there --but they were all derivative. The armature of plot was the same. We were reacting, not creating. We had not expanded the terms in which we saw our lives.”
Erica Jong, Fear of Fifty: A Midlife Memoir

“Due to their reluctance to tie
themselves down at a young age, they have the capacity as well
as the predisposition to be their own bosses and following their
own dreams.”
Bernard Salt

“Sqwaak!" from Fletcher, the environmental crime fighting parrot in The Big Belch graphic novel by Kay Wood.”
Kay Wood

Hattie Bryant
“The medicalization of American life from birth to death is killing our souls.”
Hattie Bryant, I'll Have It My Way: Taking Control of End of Life Decisions: A Book about Freedom & Peace

“The older generation of Vikings no doubt complained that the younger generation were getting soft and did not rape and pillage with the same dedication as in years gone by.”
C. Peter Herman

“I traveled ten thousand miles only to find the same red dirt...”
Pat Conrad

Mordecai Richler
“When they tote up our contribution," Luke once said, "all that can be claimed for us is that we took 'fuck' out of the oral tradition and wrote it plain.”
Mordecai Richler, St. Urbain's Horseman

Cate East
“From a generation ruled by the Moon to a generation ruled by the Sun, the difference between The Greatest Generation and The Baby Boomers is like night and day.”
Cate East, Generational Astrology: How Astrology Can Crack the Millennial Code

Cate East
“The problem with a generation treated like royalty as children as they partied their life to the fullest was that they became quite used to special treatment as they grew into adults and produced children of their own. As the Baby Boomers had babies of their own, the need to be the best transformed into “which one has the most special child?”
Cate East, Generational Astrology: How Astrology Can Crack the Millennial Code

Cate East
“Anyway, in order to get along, the second Boomer group would have to learn to trust the younger millennials more, which is almost anathema to this micromanaging generation. Often, these are the parents or bosses who criticize millennials for doing things differently from what they were used to, which irks the youngsters who are more open to change. The millennials, on their part, would fare better by suspending their natural suspicion, and understanding that these elders are often just concerned with problem-solving underneath their hypercritical, nagging ways. These are people who have done things over and over all throughout their lives, and are having difficulty letting the old ways go.”
Cate East, Generational Astrology: How Astrology Can Crack the Millennial Code

Cate East
“The differences of the generations may be unsettling or overwhelming now, but rest assured that history merely repeats itself, and that everything is in order.
The millennial hatred phenomenon is merely a representation of a common pattern in human life of favoring, disliking, detesting, accepting, and then finally surrendering to a new generation. It’s happened over history and will happen again.”
Cate East, Generational Astrology: How Astrology Can Crack the Millennial Code

Feliz Piez
“I don't have to live in your world. I have created one of my own." Feliz Piez.”
Feliz Piez

Gianno Caldwell
“These are the ones who reject or don’t take personal responsibility. Who get out of college, get their first job, and want to be the boss of the company the very same day. They’re twenty-five, have no experience beyond that one semester as an intern, but they want that corner office and $100K in year one.”
Gianno Caldwell, Taken for Granted: How Conservatism Can Win Back the Americans That Liberalism Failed

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“The boomer career model is based upon the known. Fixed variables, stability, and a long-term plan that can be followed with confidence and little variation over decades. The modern career model is based upon the unknown. Multiple variables, volatility, and a flexible plan that needs to be able to grow and adapt.”
Evan Thomsen, Don’t Chase The Dream Job, Build It: The unconventional guide to inventing your career and getting any job you want

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