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Dorothy Day
“I don't think God is so jealous about our worship of Him that He will want to separate those who serve His purposes, serve His goodness, because they have read a book, even one written by an atheist, and have been moved, or because they have wanted to be fair all their lives, but have never stepped in a church, from those who have heard God's words in church or read His words in the Bible and become convinced by them.”
Dorothy Day

Alan Heathcock
“Maybe awful things is how God speaks to us, Vernon thought, trudging up the lightless tunnel. Maybe folks don’t trust in good things no more. Maybe awful things is all God’s got to remind us he’s alive. Maybe war is God come to life in men. Vernon pushed on toward the light of day. He stepped out onto the ledge and into the heat, and it felt like leaving a theater after the matinee had shown a sad film, the glare of sunshine after the darkness far too real to suffer.”
Alan Heathcock, Volt

Ajay Kansal
“All the three monotheist religions (Jewish, Christianity and Islam)claim that their God (Yahweh, God and Allah) created humans in a similar way: this indicates that creationist have not yet established the creator.”
Ajay Kansal, The Evolution of Gods: The Scientific Origin of Divinity And Religions