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Gary L. Francione
“If you are not vegan, please consider going vegan. It’s a matter of nonviolence. Being vegan is your statement that you reject violence to other sentient beings, to yourself, and to the environment, on which all sentient beings depend.”
Gary L. Francione

David Pearce
“It's not that there are no differences between human and non-human animals, any more than there are no differences between black people and white people, freeborn citizens and slaves, men and women, Jews and gentiles, gays or heterosexuals. The question is rather: are they morally relevant differences? This matters because morally catastrophic consequences can ensue when we latch on to a real but morally irrelevant difference between sentient beings.”
David Pearce

Laurence Overmire
“Love is active, not passive. It is our love for one another, for Mother Earth, for our fellow creatures that compels us to act on their behalf.”
Laurence Overmire, The One Idea That Saves The World: A Call to Conscience and A Call to Action

Jeannette Walls
“One day we heard on the radio that a woman in the suburbs had seen a mountain lion behind her house and had called the police, who shot the animal. Dad got so angry he put his fist through a wall. "That mountain lion had as much right to his life as that sour old biddy does to hers," he said. "You can't kill something just because it's wild.”
Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

“If Animals Spoke, Humanity would Cry.”
Manuj Rajput

“There may be days when I can't help an animal in need, but the day will never come that I won't try.”
Paul Oxton

“Wherever there are wild animals in the world, there is always an opportunity for caring, compassion and kindness.”
Paul Oxton

Munia Khan
“Who’s gonna bring the wild animals some hope? If we don’t love them the way they are..”
Munia Khan

“NEVER say yes to cutting trees and eating animals. Be human enough to stop exploiting the weak.”

Laurence Overmire
“Every creature has a right to be on this Earth. Who am I to disrupt the natural order? "Respect" is a good word worth handing down to our children.”
Laurence Overmire, The Ghost of Rabbie Burns: An American Poet's Journey Through Scotland

Rita Mae Brown
“I hope there is a special hell for people who mistreat animals.”
Rita Mae Brown, Animal Magnetism: My Life with Creatures Great and Small

“A part of one’s soul remains asleep until one has loved an animal.”
-Shenita Etwaroo”
Shenita Etwaroo

“we, Humans, ain't superior by harming other species; though we might qualify by living in harmony.”
Kalpesh Jain

Mario Bellatin
“Reflexioné entonces en la cada vez más complicada relación entre los hombres y los animales. En las premisas actuales. En los deberes que se tienen que cumplir en estos tiempos. En preceptos que algunos años atrás nos hubieran parecido inimaginables.
Por ejemplo, en el hecho de adoptar animales y no comprarlos como era lo habitual. El de esterilizar tanto a las hembras como a los machos. Olvidar por completo mutilarlos inútilmente —orejas, colas— o hacerles cortes de pelo en virtud de determinados cánones de belleza.”
Mario Bellatin, Gallinas de madera

“Why don't people get their children stuffed after they pass away. Why not, I mean you do love them right?”
James J-Pierre

Mischa Temaul
“Feed two birds with one crumb.”
Mischa Temaul

“E' sudato. E' sporco di terra. Ha le mani segate dalla fune.
- Visto? - commenta raggiante.
- Fortuna che aveva la corda.
- Non è fortuna. E' preparazione.
- Ah, certo. Preparazione.
In effetti non si può dire che l'Alpinista non sia preparato, per quanto un po' sovrappeso. Metri di cordino arrotolati sulla spalla. Moschettone alla cintura. Zaino tattico. Elmetto da minatore.
- Comunque, è dura prepararsi per tutto. Se scivolando si faceva male...
- Macché scivolando. E' solo allenamento.
- Allenamento? E per che cosa?
- Per il peggio. Come dice il motto: prepararsi per il peggio, pregare per il meglio!
- Ah, molto interessante. Lo sa che io faccio l'esatto contrario?
Preparati, Ciccione. E' il tuo turno di rimanere basito.
- Voglio dire: mi preparo per il meglio, cioè per stare meglio, insomma, una società migliore, e intanto prego che la corda del mondo si spezzi, perché vede, ho l'impressione che sia già piuttosto tirata, e allora non vorrei che cede di schianto e ci troviamo gambe all'aria, tanto vale che si rompe prima, quando ancora non tutto è perduto, capisce?, quindi se l'Occidente vuole suicidarsi, niente in contrario, l'eutanasia mi trova favorevole, purché non la si eserciti sul sottoscritto, che nel frattempo preferisce senz'altro dedicarsi ad altri tipi di eu: l'eudemonia, certo, ma anche l'eupepsia, se vogliamo guardare all'immediato, e l'eugenetica, perché no?, mi offro volontario per qualsiasi esperimento.pag.185
Sono contento di non aver concluso il baratto. Nulla è fatto per essere scambiato, nessuno si fa trapiantare un polmone al posto di un rene. Per questo il sottoscritto è contro ogni salario. Da lavoro dipendente. Da lavoro autonomo. Dal solo fatto di esistere. Quest'ultimo, per carità, mi spetterebbe con gli interessi: per anni si è tratto profitto dal mio corpo, dalle mie relazioni, dai miei desideri, senza degnarsi di pagarmi uno stipendio, un affitto, un contratto d'uso.
La buona notizia è che non passerò a riscuotere. Mi riprendo la vita, e tanti saluti.”
Wu Ming 2, Guerra agli umani

“Das Evangelium der Essener Plagiat
Der Nachweist für die Authentizität des Evangeliums der Essener.
Das Evangelium der Essener ist nachweislich 2000 Jahre alt und hat als Vorlage für das Verfassen des Evangeliums der Essener gedient.”
Johanne T. G. Joan

Rita Mae Brown
“I pray, I mean pray, that you will send a few dollars to your local SPCA to help those that have been abandoned, some mistreated.”
Rita Mae Brown

“One of my beliefs when it comes to animals is that they should be adored and respected as citizens of this earth. They should have the right to their own families, their own life and their own freedom.”
-Shenita Etwaroo”
Shenita Etwaroo

“Animals are better off than a lot of humans, if having soul means being able to feel gratitude, loyalty and love.”
-Shenita Etwaroo”
Shenita Etwaroo

Bùi Văn Nam Sơn
“Vì thú vật chỉ có những cảm giác cấp thấp, không thể phản tỉnh hay suy lý được, nên chúng hoàn toàn bất lực và bị bản năng chi phối, chúng càng cần đến sự giúp đỡ, bảo vệ của con người. Càng có nhiều lý tính và năng lực tinh thần, con người càng có thêm trách nhiệm chứ không phải ngược lại.”
Bùi Văn Nam Sơn, "Chat" với René Descartes

Carl Safina
“The sensation I was feeling on the clifftop was some sort of reverberation in the air itself.… The whale had submerged and I was still feeling something. The strange rhythm seemed now to be coming from behind me, from the land, so I turned to look across the gorge … where my heart stopped.… Standing there in the shade of the tree was an elephant … staring out to sea!… A female with a left tusk broken off near the base.… I knew who she was, who she had to be. I recognized her from a color photograph put out by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry under the title “The Last Remaining Knysna Elephant.” This was the Matriarch herself.… She was here because she no longer had anyone to talk to in the forest. She was standing here on the edge of the ocean because it was the next, nearest, and most powerful source of infrasound. The underrumble of the surf would have been well within her range, a soothing balm for an animal used to being surrounded by low and comforting frequencies, by the lifesounds of a herd, and now this was the next-best thing. My heart went out to her. The whole idea of this grandmother of many being alone for the first time in her life was tragic, conjuring up the vision of countless other old and lonely souls. But just as I was about to be consumed by helpless sorrow, something even more extraordinary took place.… The throbbing was back in the air. I could feel it, and I began to understand why. The blue whale was on the surface again, pointed inshore, resting, her blowhole clearly visible. The Matriarch was here for the whale! The largest animal in the ocean and the largest living land animal were no more than a hundred yards apart, and I was convinced that they were communicating! In infrasound, in concert, sharing big brains and long lives, understanding the pain of high investment in a few precious offspring, aware of the importance and the pleasure of complex sociality, these rare and lovely great ladies were commiserating over the back fence of this rocky Cape shore, woman to woman, matriarch to matriarch, almost the last of their kind. I turned, blinking away the tears, and left them to it. This was no place for a mere man”
Carl Safina, Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel

“The swamp isn't a useless piece of land. A swamp is a kind of wetland. Wetlands are important to humans.”
Dae-Seung Yang, The Salamander's Trial: A Wetland Story

“The Prophet (S) said, 'Do not hit animals on their faces for verily they praise and glorify Allah”
Imamia Jantri Official 2022

“Dear Animals,

Loving you wholeheartedly is to realize the truth that the warmth in your love and gratitude is more nutritious to my body and mind than your tortured bodies.

With Love”
RESHMA CHEKNATH UMESH, Dear Reader, by, Julie and other stories

“She craved for a hand that opens all the cages to set the animals free.”
RESHMA CHEKNATH UMESH, Dear Reader, by, Julie and other stories

Brian Spellman
“Animals are cute on farms, nauseating in slaughterhouses, tasty on forks ... Evolution.”
Brian Spellman, We have our difference in common 2.

“Animals are the children of God
Admire them.
Love them.
Protect them.”
RESHMA CHEKNATH UMESH, Dear Reader, by, Julie and other stories

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