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Ben Fountain
“Somewhere along the way America became a giant mall with a country attached.”
Ben Fountain, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

John Steinbeck
“Someone should write an erudite essay on the moral, physical, and esthetic effect of the Model T Ford on the American nation. Two generations of Americans knew more about the Ford coil than the clitoris, about the planetary system of gears than the solar system of stars. With the Model T, part of the concept of private property disappeared. Pliers ceased to be privately owned and a tire pump belonged to the last man who had picked it up. Most of the babies of the period were conceived in Model T Fords and not a few were born in them. The theory of the Anglo Saxon home became so warped that it never quite recovered.”
John Steinbeck

Walt Whitman
“Sail Forth- Steer for the deep waters only. Reckless O soul, exploring. I with thee and thou with me. For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared go. And we will risk the ship, ourselves, and all.”
Walt Whitman

Ben Fountain
“Where else but America could football flourish, America with its millions of fertile acres of corn, soy, and wheat, its lakes of dairy, its year-round gushers of fruits and vegetables, and such meats, that extraordinary pipline of beef, poultry, seafood, and pork, feedlot gorged, vitamin enriched, and hypodermically immunized, humming factories of high-velocity protein production, all of which culminate after several generations of epic nutrition in this strain of industrial-sized humans? Only America could produce such giants.”
Ben Fountain, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

Tom Standage
“You Americans are a very singular people," he later recalled to one of his friends. "I went with my automaton all over my own country—the Germans wondered and said nothing. In France they exclaimed, Magnifique! Merveilleux! Superbe! The English set themselves to prove—one that it could be, and another that it could not be, a mere mechanism acting without a man inside. But I had not been long in your country, before a Yankee came to see me and said, 'Mr Maelzel, would you like another thing like that? I can make you one for five hundred dollars.' I laughed at his proposition. A few months afterwards, the same Yankee came to see me again, and this time he said, 'Mr Maelzel, would you like to buy another thing like that? I have one already made for you.”
Tom Standage, The Turk: The Life and Times of the Famous Eighteenth-Century Chess-Playing Machine

“It was like hundreds of roads he'd driven over - no different - a stretch of tar, lusterless, scaley, humping toward the center. On both sides were telephone poles, tilted this way and that, up a little, down...

Billboards - down farther an increasing clutter of them. Some road signs. A tottering barn in a waste field, the Mail Pouch ad half weathered away. Other fields. A large wood - almost leafless now - the bare branches netting darkly against the sky. Then down, where the road curved away, a big white farmhouse, trees on the lawn, neat fences - and above it all, way up, a television aerial, struck by the sun, shooting out bars of glare like neon. ("Thompson")”
George A. Zorn, Shock!

Robert Service
“There’s a land—oh, it beckons and beckons,
And I want to go back—and I will.”
Robert Service

Rudy Rucker
“The Pig Chef was - if you thought about it - one of the more sinister icons of American roadside art. Danny's personal totem. What kind of pig is a butcher? What kind of pig cooks barbeque? A traitor pig, a killer pig, a doomed preterite pig destined for eternal damnation. Danny's Pig Chefs showed the full weight of this knowledge in their mocking eyes and snaggled snouts.”
Rudy Rucker, Mad Professor: The Uncollected Short Stories of Rudy Rucker

Charles Dickens
“All that is loathsome, drooping, or decayed is here.”
Charles Dickens, American Notes For General Circulation

“I come home from work this evening
there was a note in the frying pan
said Fix Your Own Supper Babe
I Run Off With The Fuller Brush Man

Well I sat down at the table
screamed & hollered & cried
I commenced to carring on
'till I almost lost my mind

and I miss the way
she used to Yell At Me
the way she used to Cuss & Moan
and if I ever go out
and get married again
I'll never leave my wife
at home

The Frying Pan
Diamonds In The Rough
John Prine”
John Prine

Arturo Uslar Pietri
“La condición americana, en lo esencial, es la de tener poca sensibilidad para el pasado. No nos sentimos prisioneros del pasado. Estamos como más libres, sueltos y ágiles para afrontar los requerimientos del presente y del mañana. En el fondo de toda verdadera conciencia europea hay la noción de que el ayer es más importante que el hoy. En el fondo de toda conciencia verdaderamente americana está activa la noción de que el hoy y el mañana son más importantes que el ayer. No tenemos cómo vivir de herencia, sino de faena propia.”
Arturo Uslar Pietri, El globo de colores

James D. Doss
“[Attending the Sun Dance] There was a smattering of tourists, both serious and recreational. Professors of anthropology and ethnology. Writers of fact and other fiction. A family from Wisconsin pausing on their long, sacred pilgrimage to The Land of Disney.”
James D. Doss, The Shaman's Game

Wendell Berry
“All women is brothers,' Burley Coulter used to say, and then look at you with a dead sober look as if he didn't know why you thought that was funny. But, as usual, he was telling the truth. Or part of it.”
Wendell Berry, Hannah Coulter

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