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Ronnie McBrayer
“One of the tragedies of current Christianity in America is that we have so few compelling illustrations of this life that Jesus lived and the type of radical community he came to create. Leading pastors and preachers are little more than family-friendly celebrities or game show hosts with all the razzle-dazzle and mass media presence that accompanies the position.”
Ronnie McBrayer, The Jesus Tribe: Following Christ in the Land of the Empire

Tim Keel
“We live in a culture of reductionism. Or better, we are living in the aftermath of a culture of reductionism, and I believe we have reduced the complexity and diversity of the Scriptures to systematic theologies that insist on ideological conformity, even when such conformity flattens the diversity of the Scriptural witness. We have reduced our conception of gospel to four simple steps that short-circuit biblical narratives and notions of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven in favor of a simplified means of entrance to heaven. Our preaching is often wed to our materialistic, consumerist cultural assumptions, and sermons are subsequently reduced to delivering messages that reinforce the worst of what American culture produces: self-centered end users who believe that God is a resource that helps an individual secure what amounts to an anemic and culturally bound understanding of the 'abundant life.”
Tim Keel, Intuitive Leadership: Embracing a Paradigm of Narrative, Metaphor, and Chaos

Kaitlyn Schiess
“We may find ourselves represented in different positions at different times but the white American church in particular needs preachers who are willing to situate us in the place of the privileged and the powerful and to take on ourselves the associated judgements.”
Kaitlyn Schiess, The Liturgy of Politics: Spiritual Formation for the Sake of Our Neighbor