African American Author Quotes

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Les Brown
“I will heighten my life by helping others heighten theirs”
Les Brown, Live Your Dreams

N.D. Jones
“You carry the weight of the preternatural world on those big shoulders of yours. But your heart is even bigger, and the burden you harbor there heavier.”
N.D. Jones, Of Fear and Faith

N.D. Jones
“You and that amazing body of yours will be the cause of some too-appreciative witch’s death. Maybe two witches.” Or a dozen, her fire spirit hissed.”
N.D. Jones, Of Beasts and Bonds

N.D. Jones
“A Tootsie Roll? You do know that candy is neither chocolate nor a taffy. I do like that it also comes in a lollipop you put in your mouth and suck until you find the chewy center.”
N.D. Jones, The Perks of Higher Ed

N.D. Jones
“Before I begin, I need you to know I love you and our children. Whatever happens between us, it’s important you know how I feel about you, our family, and the life we’ve built together.

Sean to his wife Angie”
N.D. Jones

Terry McMillan
“Can't nothing make your life work if you ain't the architect.”
Terry McMillan, Disappearing Acts