Adopted Kids Quotes

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Chris Crutcher
Big Deal; so was Superman”
Chris Crutcher, Whale Talk

Donna K. Childree
“You were tossed away like a pair of beautiful, brand new shoes that did not quite fit.”
Donna K. Childree

“If Children are God's Gift then adopted are God's child.”
Revathi Sankaran

Ramez Naam
“But Nita had always seen having a child as selfish. Why bring another soul into this world, she'd say, when there are so many out there that need our help?”
Ramez Naam, Crux

Kelly DiBenedetto
“Adoption is a lifelong journey. It means different things to me at different times. Sometimes it is just a part of who I am. Other times it is something I am actively going through.”
Kelly DiBenedetto, Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey

DaShanne Stokes
“Being denied their original birth certificates isn't just a problem for adoptees. It's a social problem, requiring social change.”
DaShanne Stokes