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“The verdure of mountains enhancing the beauty of the earth is recounting us to live not only for ourselves but for others too, accepting the dichotomies (dualities) of life like heat, cold rain etc. How true this is in actuality that the greenery of land is owing to the grass, still no one recalls the grass. Likewise, greenery of this life (happiness) always inspire you to enliven not only your own but others’ lives too."- Acharya Balkrishna”
Acharya Balkrishna

“The time is changing and not only the policy makers of India, but the whole world is realizing the importance of Ayurveda. Who could have thought some years back that people with up-bringing in cosmopolitan culture would prefer bottle gourd juice or gooseberry juice over carbonated soft-drinks in the near future.”
Acharya Balkrishna

“Acharya Balkrishna" on the Origin of Yog and its Greatness

"Standing upright facing all storms and tempests like Devalaya, Yog too is like a monument, established like saints and sages, reaching where all the trials and turbulences cease. Even adversities strengthen the bricks and a stone of this temple – such is the power of Yog. The same way, the evasive flow of time might seldom limit the greatness of Yog and Yogis.”
Acharya Balrkrishna

“On Life and Death:

"Strange is the man who every day sees death, but never notice it. Yoga compelled us to realize the science of human transition and confer a purpose to substantiate the life with knowledge and virtues." - by Acharya Balkrishna”
by Acharya Balkrishna

“Acharya Balkrishna on Yog

"Who will not be delighted to behold the exotic scenery and flora of the barren lands of Himalayas. Similar is the power of Yog which beautifies the deserted life and fructifies hope in the shattered hearts. By taking refuge in Yog, the fallow mind will blossom into flowers indeed.”
Acharya Balkrishna, Yog: In Synergy with Medical Science