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Nicholas Sparks
“Love is always bestowed as a gift!
freely, willingly, and without expectation....
We don't love to be loved, we love to love”
Nicholas Sparks, True Believer

Nataša Nuit Pantović
“when a particle and antiparticle touch
they both disappear in a burst
of gamma radiation
that generates huge amount of energy...
can this be Love?' Art of 4 Elements”
Natasa Pantovic Nuit

Catherine Lacey
“What is the point of love? To distract us.”
Catherine Lacey, Nobody Is Ever Missing

“You gave your heart to someone and they loved you in return. But it doesn't mean you own that person, they doesn't either. When they leave, let go. We can never tell someone to stay when they really wanted to go and find someone else. Don't be afraid to lose what was never meant to be.”
Redzel Romulo

“Love knows no difference; she's there for us - all over the world”
sir kristian goldmund aumann, Love Poems

“But Safu..." Karan said the same words again softly, in her heart.

But Safu, you know, women can go on living without a man. It'll be painful, and it might feel like your limb has been torn away, but you'll still be able to live on carrying that wound. Even with that burden, one day you'll be able to laugh again. That's why― please, don't put your life on the line for any man. Please, live for your own sake.”
Atsuko Asano No.6 Volume 2

C.D. Reiss
“Amateur comes from the Latin agent amatus. To love. Never worry about love. Love delivers. It’s the incompetent professionals that’ll screw you.”
CD Reiss

“She has a simple taste – only black. In black, she looks the brightest.”
Damian Corvium

Laure Lacornette
“All you need is not Love, no. All you need is a marvelous sense of humor !”
Laure Lacornette