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    T.J. Klune
    “You want to know what it feels like to be castrated? Try having your nine-year-old brother protect you from your ex-girlfriend after you've told her you're in love with a man.”
    T.J. Klune, Bear, Otter, and the Kid

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    T.J. Klune
    “Seven smirked as he walked back over to me. "I gave you catharsis last night. Twice.”
    T.J. Klune, Burn

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    W.B. Yeats
    “For he would be thinking of love
    Till the stars had run away
    And the shadows eaten the moon.”
    W.B. Yeats, Selected Poems and Four Plays

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    S.J.D. Peterson
    “It’s not about managing, it’s about taste. Your sandwiches taste
    Ty started cracking up. “Oh my fucking God, are you spoiled. It’s
    about throwing some meat, cheese, and mayo between two pieces of
    bread. The taste doesn’t change whether it’s me or you slapping it
    S.J.D. Peterson, Ty's Obsession

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    Chuck Wendig
    “Creativity needs time. We’re all dying. Fuck stagnation. High-five creation.”
    Chuck Wendig

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    Heidi Cullinan
    “Ride, authors. Write a ride. Figure out what yours is, and then pimp the ever-living shit out of it.”
    Heidi Cullinan

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    “Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.”

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