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    Anne Fadiman
    “Books wrote our life story, and as they accumulated on our shelves (and on our windowsills, and underneath our sofa, and on top of our refrigerator), they became chapters in it themselves.”
    Anne Fadiman, Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader

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    Anne Fadiman
    “It has long been my belief that everyone's library contains an Odd Shelf. On this shelf rests a small, mysterious corpus of volumes whose subject matter is completely unrelated to the rest of the library, yet which, upon closer inspection, reveals a good deal about its owner.”
    Anne Fadiman, Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader

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    Anne Fadiman
    “One reason we have children I think is to learn that parts of ourselves we had given up for dead are merely dormant and that the old joys can re emerge fresh and new and in a completely different form.”
    Anne Fadiman

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    Wallace Stegner
    “There it was, there it is, the place where during the best time of our lives friendship had its home and happiness its headquarters.”
    Wallace Stegner, Crossing to Safety

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    Paul Auster
    “Every life is inexplicable, I kept telling myself. No matter how many facts are told, no matter how many details are given, the essential thing resists telling. To say that so and so was born here and went there, that he did this and did that, that he married this woman and had these children, that he lived, that he died, that he left behind these books or this battle or that bridge – none of that tells us very much.”
    Paul Auster, The New York Trilogy

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    Paul Auster
    “Stories only happen to those who are able to tell them.”
    Paul Auster

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    Nick Hornby
    “Telling me I can do anything I want is like pulling the plug out of the bath and then telling the water it can go anywhere it wants. Try it, and see what happens.”
    Nick Hornby, A Long Way Down

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    Italo Calvino
    “The ultimate meaning to which all stories refer has two faces: the continuity of life, the inevitability of death.”
    Italo Calvino

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    Italo Calvino
    “Who are we, who is each one of us, if not a combinatoria of experiences, information, books we have read, things imagined?”
    Italo Calvino

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    Marjane Satrapi
    “It's fear that makes us lose our conscience. It's also what transforms us into cowards.”
    Marjane Satrapi, The Complete Persepolis

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    Richard Yates
    “The Revolutionary Hill Estates had not been designed to accommodate a tragedy. Even at night, as if on purpose, the development held no looming shadows and no gaunt silhouettes. It was invincibly cheerful, a toyland of white and pastel houses whose bright, uncurtained windows winked blandly through a dappling of green and yellow leaves … A man running down these streets in desperate grief was indecently out of place.”
    Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road

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    Adam Gopnik
    “The loneliness of the expatriate is of an odd and complicated kind, for it is inseparable from the feeling of being free, of having escaped.”
    Adam Gopnik, Paris to the Moon

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    Adam Gopnik
    “The romance of your child's childhood may be the last romance you can give up.”
    Adam Gopnik, Paris to the Moon

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    Michael Cunningham
    “These days, Clarissa believes, you measure people first by their kindness and their capacity for devotion. You get tired, sometimes, of wit and intellect; everybody's little display of genius.”
    Michael Cunningham, The Hours

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    Anne Tyler
    “I'm beginning to think that maybe it's not just how much you love someone. Maybe what matters is who you are when you're with them.”
    Anne Tyler, The Accidental Tourist

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    Isabel Allende
    “The longer I live, the more uninformed I feel. Only the young have an explanation for everything.”
    Isabel Allende, City of the Beasts

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    Isabel Allende
    “This is to assuage our conscience, darling" she would explain to Blanca. "But it doesn't help the poor. They don't need charity; they need justice.”
    Isabel Allende, The House of the Spirits

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