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    Rachel Van Dyken
    “He kissed her like he was going off to war.

    And she kissed him back like it was true.”
    Rachel Van Dyken

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    Rachel Van Dyken
    “ When you have lost your way, when the world appears as if it is
    crumbling around you, perhaps, just maybe, you should close your eyes.
    By looking outward we forget the strength that is given inward. We can
    only see part of the picture with our eyes open. But, when they are closed,
    we see as a whole. We concentrate not on what we can see, but on the faith
    of what we know to be true." - WHISPERED MUSIC”
    Rachel Van Dyken

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    Rachel Van Dyken
    “Being with Demetri wasn’t the absence of pain, it was the added presence of peace, making it easier and easier for that little part of my heart to heal again.--From Pull: A Seaside Novel”
    Rachel Van Dyken

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    Rachel Van Dyken
    “It's not a fear.Kacey drank her wine faster."It's a scary movie!" "It's Alice in Wonderland.”
    Rachel Van Dyken, The Bet