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    Stephen King
    “The world was round, that was the deadly truth of it.”
    Stephen King, Roadwork

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    Andy Weir
    “The battery was a lithium thionyl chloride non-rechargeable. I figured that out from some subtle clues: the shape of the connection points, the thickness of the insulation, and the fact that it had “LiSOCl2 NON-RCHRG” written on it.”
    Andy Weir, The Martian

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    Neal Stephenson
    “It was a kind of eleemosynary institution,”
    Neal Stephenson, Seveneves

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    Neal Stephenson
    Neal Stephenson, Seveneves

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    Kim Stanley Robinson
    “Anyway that’s a large part of what economics is—people arbitrarily, or as a matter of taste, assigning numerical values to non-numerical things. And then pretending that they haven’t just made the numbers up, which they have. Economics is like astrology in that sense, except that economics serves to justify the current power structure, and so it has a lot of fervent believers among the powerful.”
    Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars

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    Bernard Cornwell
    “The sword was called Caledfwlch, which means ‘hard lightning’ though Igraine prefers to call it Excalibur”
    Bernard Cornwell, The Winter King: A Novel of Arthur

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    Bernard Cornwell
    “I had broken three Saxon shield-walls and buried Hywelbane to her hilt in my country’s enemies before I had been elected to Mithras’s service, but all Lancelot had ever done was boast and posture.”
    Bernard Cornwell, The Winter King: A Novel of Arthur

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    Bernard Cornwell
    “That man is my Arthur, a great warlord and a hero who fought against impossible odds to such effect that even fifteen hundred years later his enemies love and revere his memory.”
    Bernard Cornwell, The Winter King: A Novel of Arthur

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    Bernard Cornwell
    “My dear Lord,’ I said, but not to him. I spoke to Arthur. And I watched and wept, my arm around Ceinwyn, as the pale boat was swallowed by the shimmering silver mist. And so my Lord was gone. And no one has seen him since.”
    Bernard Cornwell, Excalibur: A Novel of Arthur

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    “Perhaps the French letters would be a little bit more difficult to get a hold of”
    Horace Greasley, Do the Birds Still Sing in Hell?

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    Lemmy Kilmister
    “Chicks used to steal food out of the fridge from their parents to feed us and shit – kind of like bringing a meal to the convicted prisoner on the run. They liked the drama of it, and we liked the food.”
    Lemmy Kilmister, White Line Fever: Lemmy: The Autobiography

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    Lemmy Kilmister
    “I left the Rocking Vicars, thinking I was going to be a star in my own right immediately. Everything was going to be wonderful and huge women would get a hold of me and do things to me with raw carrots – you know, shit like that. Of course, it didn’t happen quite that way.”
    Lemmy Kilmister, White Line Fever: Lemmy: The Autobiography

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    Lemmy Kilmister
    “Howard’s eating habits, incidentally, leave quite a bit to be desired – he eats all these terrible vegetarian things, fruit and nuts. That shit’s not healthy! Human beings are carnivores – just look at our teeth! Our digestive systems are not made to handle vegetarian food. It makes you fart all the time, and you get intestinal flora. Vegetarianism is unrealistic – that’s why cows have four stomachs and we have one. Think about it. (Hi, Howard!) And don’t forget – Hitler was a vegetarian!”
    Lemmy Kilmister, White Line Fever: Lemmy: The Autobiography

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    Michael Azerrad
    “When he met Kurt and Chris, he was a saute cook at a seafood restaurant on Bainbridge Island. By night, he partied with his friends, smoking pot, drinking, and doing the potent local acid, which many swear has fried the brains of an entire generation of Bainbridge Islanders.”
    Michael Azerrad, Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana

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    David McCullough
    “By the time he went to work for James J. Hill in 1889, he had survived Mexican fevers, Indian attack, Upper Michigan mosquitoes, and Canadian blizzards. He had been treed by wolves on one occasion; he”
    David McCullough, The Path Between the Seas

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    Robert   Harris
    “Cicero smiled at us. 'The art of life is to deal with problems as they arise, rather than destory one's spirit by worrying about them too far in advance. Especially tonight.”
    Robert Harris, Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome

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    Stephen King
    “Tess exited YouTube, Binged Richard Widmark, and found what she expected, given”
    Stephen King, Big Driver

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    Émile Zola
    “Il partait, lorsque, une dernière fois, il promena ses regards des deux fosses, vierges d’herbe, aux labours sans fin de la Beauce, que les semeurs emplissaient de leur geste continu. Des morts, des semences, et le pain poussait de la terre.”
    Émile Zola, La Terre

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    Neil Gaiman
    “Shadow brushed his teeth and washed his face in the cold water of the little bathroom, and then walked back down the hall to the sitting room, turned out the light, and was asleep before his head touched the pillow.”
    Neil Gaiman, American Gods

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    Neil Gaiman
    “Shadow didn’t wait to see. He walked away and he kept on walking.”
    Neil Gaiman, American Gods

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    Neil Gaiman
    “The creature laughed, scornfully. “I,” it said, “am frightened of nothing.” “Nothing?” “Nothing,” it said. Charlie said, “Are you extremely frightened of nothing?” “Absolutely terrified of it,” admitted the Dragon. “You know,” said Charlie, “I have nothing in my pockets. Would you like to see it?” “No,” said the Dragon, uncomfortably, “I most definitely would not.” There was a flapping of wings like sails, and Charlie was alone on the beach. “That,” he said, “was much too easy.” He kept on walking.”
    Neil Gaiman, Anansi Boys

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    Yuval Noah Harari
    “This completely changed their way of life. We did not domesticate wheat. It domesticated us. The word ‘domesticate’ comes from the Latin domus, which means ‘house’. Who’s the one living in a house? Not the wheat. It’s the Sapiens.”
    Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

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    Jeff Guinn
    “Revelation, Charlie explained, predicted that locusts would come, and locusts were, of course, beetles—the Beatles. John said that the locusts would have “scales like iron breastplates”—according to Charlie, these were the Beatles’ guitars. And there was more: Revelation also told of angels coming to earth, with the first four being the Beatles. The fifth, “given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit,” was Charlie.”
    Jeff Guinn, Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson

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