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    “He sounded like he was used to people swearing at him, which made no damned
    sense, because he was gorgeous and a hero.”
    Cate Cameron, Center Ice

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    “Karen had no problem standing up to people. She’d say ‘no’ before the question was even asked.”
    Cate Cameron, Center Ice

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    “It was weird to be with her in a group. I kept wanting to stop the conversation to make sure everybody had noticed
    what a cool thing she’d just said or done. It wasn’t because I was insecure or worried that they wouldn’t like her. I just wanted to have someone to share it all with, like that burst of excitement you get when you meet someone who likes the same obscure band or has the same favorite movie. I
    guess I was a Karen fan, and I wanted to start a fan club.”
    Cate Cameron, Center Ice