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    Diana Wynne Jones
    “I hope your bacon burns.”
    Diana Wynne Jones , Howl's Moving Castle

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    Diana Wynne Jones
    “You must admit I have a right to live in a pigsty if I want.”
    Diana Wynne Jones, Howl's Moving Castle

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    Joseph Delaney
    “Now it's the dark's turn to be afraid.”
    Joseph Delaney, Curse of the Bane

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    Joseph Delaney
    “Even a strong man can succumb to the wiles of a pretty girl with pointy shoes.”
    Joseph Delaney, Attack of the Fiend

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    Joseph Delaney
    “You can't just be reading books all the time and leave the writting of them to others.”
    Joseph Delaney, Night of the Soul Stealer

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    C.S. Lewis
    “for the greater the love the greater the grief, and the stronger the faith the more savagely will Satan storm its fortress.”
    C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

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    Gary Paulsen
    “Patience, he thought. So much of this was patience - waiting, and thinking and doing things right. So much of all this, so much of all living was patience and thinking.”
    Gary Paulsen, Hatchet

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    Walter M. Miller Jr.
    “We are the centuries... We have your eoliths and your mesoliths and your neoliths. We have your Babylons and your Pompeiis, your Caesars and your chromium-plated (vital-ingredient impregnated) artifacts. We have your bloody hatchets and your Hiroshimas. We march in spite of Hell, we do – Atrophy, Entropy, and Proteus vulgaris, telling bawdy jokes about a farm girl name of Eve and a traveling salesman called Lucifer. We bury your dead and their reputations. We bury you. We are the centuries. Be born then, gasp wind, screech at the surgeon’s slap, seek manhood, taste a little godhood, feel pain, give birth, struggle a little while, succumb: (Dying, leave quietly by the rear exit, please.) Generation, regeneration, again, again, as in a ritual, with blood-stained vestments and nail-torn hands, children of Merlin, chasing a gleam. Children, too, of Eve, forever building Edens – and kicking them apart in berserk fury because somehow it isn’t the same. (AGH! AGH! AGH! – an idiot screams his mindless anguish amid the rubble. But quickly! let it be inundated by the choir, chanting Alleluias at ninety decibels.)”
    Walter M. Miller Jr., A Canticle for Leibowitz

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    Haruki Murakami
    “Maybe I am fated to always be alone, Tsukuru found himself thinking. People came to him, but in the end they always left. They came, seeking something, but either they couldn’t find it, or were unhappy with what they found (or else they were disappointed or angry), and then they left. One day, without warning, they vanished, with no explanation, no word of farewell. Like a silent hatchet had sliced the ties between them, ties through which warm blood still flowed, along with a quiet pulse.”
    Haruki Murakami, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

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    Gary Paulsen
    “He could not play the game without hope; could not play the game without a dream. They had taken it all away from him now, they had turned away from him and there was nothing for him now...He was alone and there was nothing for him.”
    Gary Paulsen, Hatchet

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    C.S. Lewis
    “But in general, take my advice, when you meet anything that is going to be Human and isn’t yet, or used to be Human once and isn’t now, or ought to be Human and isn’t, you keep your eyes on it and feel for your hatchet.”
    C.S. Lewis

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    Gary Paulsen
    “That's all it took to solve problems - just sense.”
    Gary Paulsen, Hatchet

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    Gary Paulsen
    “He had to keep thinking of them because if he forgot them and did not think of them they might forget about him. And he had to keep hoping.”
    Gary Paulsen, Hatchet

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    Gary Paulsen
    “Things seemed to go back and forth between reality and imagination--except that it was all reality.”
    Gary Paulsen, Hatchet

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    “The kitchen table is where we mark milestones, divulge dreams, bury hatchets, make deals, give thanks, plan vacations, and tell jokes. It's also where children learn the lessons that families teach: manners, cooperation, communication, self-control, values.”
    Doris Christopher

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    Virginia Woolf
    “The hatchet must fall on the block; the oak must be cleft to the centre. The weight of the world is on my shoulders. Here is the pen and the paper; on the letters in the wire basket I sign my name, I, I, and again I.”
    Virginia Woolf, The Waves

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    “A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could truly tame a wolf.”
    George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

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    Criss Jami
    “Like crying wolf, if you keep looking for sympathy as a justification for your actions, you will someday be left standing alone when you really need help.”
    Criss Jami, Killosophy

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    Farley Mowat
    “And this is what happened, ands this is why the caribou and the wolf are one; for the caribou feeds the wolf, but it is the wolf that keeps the caribou strong.”
    Farley Mowat

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    David Clement-Davies
    “That we can never know," answered the wolf angrily. "That's for the future. But what we can know is the importance of what we owe to the present. Here and now, and nowhere else. For nothing else exists, except in our minds. What we owe to ourselves, and to those we're bound to. And we can at least hope to make a better future, for everything.”
    David Clement-Davies

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    “She had no time for sleep, with the weight of the world upon her shoulders. And she feared to dream. Sleep is a little death, dreams the whisperings of the Other, who would drag us all into his eternal night.”
    George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

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    “I think I'm a tiny bit like Harry 'cos I'd like to have an owl. Yeah, that's the tiny bit, actually.”
    Daniel Radcliffe

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    Mervyn Peake
    “This tower, patched unevenly with black ivy, arose like a mutilated finger from among the fists of knuckled masonry and pointed blasphemously at heaven. At night the owls made of it an echoing throat; by day it stood voiceless and cast its long shadow.”
    Mervyn Peake, Titus Groan

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    Pat Frayne
    “Favorite Quotations.
    I speak my mind because it hurts to bite my tongue.
    The worth of a book is measured by what you carry away from it.
    It's not over till it's over.
    Imagination is everything.
    All life is an experiment.
    What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly.”
    Pat Frayne, Tales of Topaz the Conjure Cat: Part I Topaz and the Evil Wizard & Part II Topaz and the Plum-Gista Stone

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    Johannes Bobrowski
    “Like some winter animal the moon licks the salt of your hand,
    Yet still your hair foams violet as a lilac tree
    From which a small wood-owl calls.”
    Johannes Bobrowski

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    “It is just my imagination that flies,
    While she is wrapped up in her bedsheets
    like a nest.”
    Kiera Woodhull, Chaos of the Mind

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    M.J. Rose
    “The owl,” he was saying, “is one of the most curious creatures. A bird that stays awake when the rest of the world sleeps. They can see in the dark. I find that so interesting, to be mired in reality when the rest of the world is dreaming. What does he see and what does he know that the rest of the world is missing?”
    M.J. Rose, Seduction
    tags: owl

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    Mehmet Murat ildan
    “The inauspiciousness of the owl is nothing but the inauspiciousness of the man who thinks that owl is inauspicious!”
    Mehmet Murat ildan
    tags: owl

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    “When the owl sings, the night is silent. (Quand le hibou chante, La nuit est silence)”
    Charles de Leusse

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    Lloyd Alexander
    “Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.”
    Lloyd Alexander

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