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    Novala Takemoto
    “I really had no idea you'd be this stupid but then again you were the only person that really got me”
    Novala Takemoto, Missin' (Novel)

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    Andrés Neuman
    “Love and translation look alike in their grammar. To love someone implies transforming their words into ours. Making an effort to understand the other person and, inevitably, to misinterpret them. To construct a precarious language together.”
    Andrés Neuman

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    Hayley Williams
    “Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand”
    Hayley Williams

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    John O'Donohue
    “One of the tasks of true friendship is to listen compassionately and creatively to the hidden silences. Often secrets are not revealed in words, they lie concealed in the silence between the words or in the depth of what is unsayable between two people.”
    John O'Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

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    Masashi Kishimoto
    “The pain of being alone is completely out of this world, isn't it? I don't know why, but I understand your feelings so much, it actually hurts. ”
    Masashi Kishimoto

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    John O'Donohue
    “Love allows understanding to dawn, and understanding is precious. Where you are understood, you are at home. Understanding nourishes belonging. When you really feel understood, you feel free to release yourself into the trust and shelter of the other person's soul.”
    John O'Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

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    Novala Takemoto
    “No one could possibly understand my purest feelings but I couldn't care less; My deepest yearnings are nobody's goddamn business anyway”
    Novala Takemoto, Missin' (Novel)

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    Julia Child
    “You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”
    Julia Child

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    Julia Child
    “You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients.”
    Julia Child

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    Julia Child
    “You never forget a beautiful thing that you have made,' [Chef Bugnard] said. 'Even after you eat it, it stays with you - always.”
    Julia Child, My Life in France

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    Julia Child
    “You are the butter to my bread,and the breath to my life”
    Julia Child

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    Julia Child
    “It was fun, although we felt like pawns, or prawns, in the maelstrom.”
    Julia Child, My Life in France

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    Julia Child
    “Upon reflection, I decided I had three main weaknesses: I was confused (evidenced by a lack of facts, an inability to coordinate my thoughts, and an inability to verbalize my ideas); I had a lack of confidence, which cause me to back down from forcefully stated positions; and I was overly emotional at the expense of careful, 'scientific' though. I was thirty-seven years old and still discovering who I was.”
    Julia Child, My Life in France

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    Gabriel García Márquez
    “Take advantage of it now, while you are young, and suffer all you can, because these things don't last your whole life.”
    Gabriel García Márquez, Love in the Time of Cholera

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    John Quincy Adams
    “Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.”
    John Quincy Adams

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    Jarod Kintz
    “I’m not exactly sympathetic, but I do have a big heart. I have to, to be able to pump all the blood required to operate my massive penis.”
    Jarod Kintz, The Days of Yay are Here! Wake Me Up When They're Over.

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    Criss Jami
    “Every job from the heart is, ultimately, of equal value. The nurse injects the syringe; the writer slides the pen; the farmer plows the dirt; the comedian draws the laughter. Monetary income is the perfect deceiver of a man's true worth.”
    Criss Jami, Killosophy

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    Pablo Neruda
    “Then love knew it was called love.
    And when I lifted my eyes to your name,
    suddenly your heart showed me my way”
    Pablo Neruda, Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada; Cien sonetos de amor

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    Stephen Schwartz
    “I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason
    Bringing something we must learn
    And we are led to those who help us most to grow
    If we let them and we help them in return.”
    Stephen Schwartz

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    Jim Henson
    “There's not a word yet, for old friends who've just met.”
    Jim Henson, Favorite Songs from Jim Henson's Muppets

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    Shannon L. Alder
    /ˈdignitē/ noun

    1. The moment you realize that the person you cared for has nothing intellectually or spiritually to offer you, but a headache.

    2. The moment you realize God had greater plans for you that don’t involve crying at night or sad Pinterest quotes.

    3. The moment you stop comparing yourself to others because it undermines your worth, education and your parent’s wisdom.

    4. The moment you live your dreams, not because of what it will prove or get you, but because that is all you want to do. People’s opinions don’t matter.

    5. The moment you realize that no one is your enemy, except yourself.

    6. The moment you realize that you can have everything you want in life. However, it takes timing, the right heart, the right actions, the right passion and a willingness to risk it all. If it is not yours, it is because you really didn’t want it, need it or God prevented it.

    7. The moment you realize the ghost of your ancestors stood between you and the person you loved. They really don't want you mucking up the family line with someone that acts anything less than honorable.

    8. The moment you realize that happiness was never about getting a person. They are only a helpmate towards achieving your life mission.

    9. The moment you believe that love is not about losing or winning. It is just a few moments in time, followed by an eternity of situations to grow from.

    10. The moment you realize that you were always the right person. Only ignorant people walk away from greatness.”
    Shannon L. Alder

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    Cath Crowley
    “Kept dreaming of this spot she had on her neck, this tiny country. I wanted to visit, to paint a picture of what I found there, a wall with a road map of her skin.”
    Cath Crowley, Graffiti Moon

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    Santosh Kalwar
    “Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.”
    Santosh Kalwar, Quote Me Everyday