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“Let’s look at an example:

Ghostbusters is one of my favorite movies. A group of fun-loving guys with a background in Saturday Night Live comedy play paranormal investigators who go into business busting ghosts, take on a Stay-Puft Marshmallow man, and save New York from an invasion by an ancient Babylonian deity… all with lots of silly slime, snarky quips, a PG rating and a confection-covered happy ending. While there are some Christians who would object to seeing this film, a larger majority would rally to decry the film Paranormal Activity. The latter film is rated R, contains a lot of vulgarity, depicts a demonic force terrorizing an unmarried couple who are living together, and it ends with a horrible fate for most involved.

Let’s look closer:

• Ghostbusters is an uplifting lark wherein plucky humans, by their own power and ingenuity, fully overcome the supernatural. Human reason and modern technology can apparently solve all our problems. Even ghosts, demons, and ancient gods can’t stand against the power of the human mind and the scientific method. Man can handle all of these with a will, a wink, a nod, a noodle and a proton pack.

• Paranormal Activity is a story wherein a fool thinks human ingenuity and modern technology can not only expose and thwart the supernatural, but that occult dabbling can satisfy his ignorant curiosity. He is found to be powerless and helpless against a superior demonic force. Truly apart from Christ (in one scene the character even scoffs and throws a cross into the fire) he is completely undone.

Question: which portrays the truth of God’s story?”

James Harleman, Cinemagogue
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