Muammar Gaddafi

“When Libya fought against the Italian occupation, all the Arabs supported the Libyan mujahideen.
We Arabs never occupied any country.
Well, we occupied Andalusia unjustly, and they drove us out, but since then, we Arabs have not occupied any country.
It is our countries that are occupied.
Palestine is occupied, Iraq is occupied, and as for the UAE islands...
It is not in the best interest of the Arabs for hostility to develop between them and Iran, Turkey, or any of these nations.
By no means is it in our interest to turn Iran against us.
If there really is a problem, we should decide here to refer this issue to the international court of Justice.
This is the proper venue for the resolution of such problems.
We should decide to refer the issue of the disputed UAE islands to the International Court of Justice, and we should accept whatever it rules.
One time you say this is occupied Arab land, and then you say...
This is not clear, and it causes confusion.
80% of the people of the Gulf are Iranians.
The ruling families are Arab, but the rest are Iranian. The entire people is Iranian.
This is a mess.
Iran cannot be avoided.
Iran is a Muslim neighbour, and it is not in our interes to become enemies.
What is the reason for the invasion and destruction of Iraq, and for killing of one million Iraqis?
Let our American friends answer this question:
Why Iraq? What is the reason?
Is Bin Laden an Iraqi? No he is not.
Were those who attacked New York Iraqis? No, they were not.
were those who attacked the Pentagon Iraqis? No, they were not.
Were there WMDs in Iraq? No, there were not.
Even if iraq did have WMDs - Pakistan and India have nuclear bombs, and so do China, Russia, Britain, France and America.
Should all these countries be destroyed?
Fine, let's destroy all the countries that have WMDs.
Along comes a foreign power, occupies an Arab country, and hangs its president, and we all sit on the sidelines, laughing.
Why didn't they investigate the hanging of Saddam Hussein?
How can a POW be hanged - a president of an Arab country and a member of the Arab League no less!
I'm not talking about the policies of Saddam Hussein, or the disagreements we had with him.
We all had poitlical disagreements with him and we have such disagreements among ourselves here.
We share nothing, beyond this hall.
Why won't there be an investigation into the killing of Saddam Hussein?
An entire Arab leadership was executed by hanging, yet we sit on the sidelines. Why?
Any one of you might be next. Yes.
America fought alongside Saddam Hussein against Khomeini.
He was their friend. Cheney was a friend of Saddam Hussein.
Rumsfeld, the US Defense Secretary at the time Iraq was destroyed, was a close friend of Saddam Hussein.
Ultimately, they sold him out and hanged him.
You are friends of America - let's say that ''we'' are, not ''you'' - but one of these days, America may hang us.
Brother 'Amr Musa has an idea which he is enthusiastic. He mentioned it in his report.
He says that the Arabs have the right to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes, and that there should be an Arab nuclear program.
The Arabs have this right.
They even have the right to have the right to have a nuclear program for other...
But Allah prevails...
But who are those Arabs whom you say should have united nuclear program?
We are the enemies of one another, I'm sad to say.
We all hate one another, we deceive one another, we gloat at the misfortune of one another, and we conspire against one another.
Our intelligence agencies conspire against one another, instead of defending us against the enemy.
We are the enemies of one another, and an Arab's enemy is another Arab's friend.”

Muammar Al-Qaddafi
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