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A Thousand Nevers Evers Chapters 1-11 quiz

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In Kuckachoo, Mississippi, 1963, Addie Ann Pickett happily swings in the yard, jumps double dutch, and teaches her trusty cat, Flapjack, new tricks. She worships her brother Elias and is proud of following in his footsteps by attending the Negro junior high school.
Then a good deed meant to unite the citizens of Kuckachoo sets off a chain of explosive events. And although Addie Ann’s itching to reveal the whole truth, Mama’s rule is never tell white folks what they don’t want to hear.
As the months pass, Addie Ann’s family is sorely tested. Like her brother, Addie Ann understands the danger of silence. Now Addie Ann must decide whether to be a bystander to events or

What did Elias do to trick the sheriff's hound?


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