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The "How Blue's Your Mind?" quiz

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There's some serious science behind water's ability to reduce stress, inspire creativity & promote empathy.

I interviewed & met people around the world w/ a wide variety of relationships to water: surfers, swimmers, psychologists, artists, ocean managers, fishers, veterans, captains, floaters, neuroscientists, explorers, divers, inventors, educators, poets—and people with the surname Cousteau.

Being by water can pull the stress from us, inspire creativity & draw us closer to those we love. Research shows that feeling of awe & wonder we get by the sea can also promote compassion & empathy.

Score of 20: You’re a Mermaid or a son of Poseidon. You likely have wet hair, sand in your shoes or salt in your eyelashes right now.

Score 19 - 15: You have a Deep Blue Mind.

Score 14 - 10: You’re True Blue.

Score 9 - 5: You are a Junior Life Guard. Keep up the training!

Score 4 - 1: You need water and water needs you. Let’s talk about it.

Score 0: How have your survived this long without water?

I have no problem disconnecting and leaving behind my technology (smartphone, tablet, music player, or laptop) for a break near, in, on or under water.


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