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The Wonder Quiz By RJ Palacio

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So its not really a quiz descrip. but its kinda why i decided to make a quiz on this book. So... : I fell in love with this book when i first saw it. The quote : " Dont judge a book by its cover" is soooooo meaningful and it is like my favorite quote. It meant to me that if someone made fun of you because of how you dress, look, or talk it doesnt matter. All that matters is how you actually look on the inside. The thing is that that quote will help you not getting your feelings hurt cause you know that person making fun of you is the one that has the bad inside. Also, dont try to be like one of those popular girl/boy cause all you have to be is be yourself and thats all that matters. Sorry this is long and all. But its just why i really admire and respect this book and Why im making a quiz on it (:

Why did August get mad at Jack ?


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