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The trina friend shayla has a crush quiz

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it was 6:20pm trina parents woke her up early in the morning and said at the same time,"trina wake up look outside we brought you a new car that's red your favorite color!"trina interrupted and said,"what you serious,im going to take a shower and look outside and go where I want to go,thanks for the car!" when trina was done taking a shower she ran outside and open her car and went to her best friend Shayla house and picked her up Shayla said,hey trina this car smell good it smells brand new remember in kindergarten you said you can not wait to get a new car I bet your happy.trina said shouting,yes Im so happy!" Shayla said ,"when we go to class your going to tell all the girls,right ?'trina said,"yep." when they were in class they were working and the principal came in and said,"sorry to interrupt their is a new student and his name is david."Shayla said I her head,"omg he is so cute!" ms.kelly said,"david this is Shayla you will be working with her,is that ok Shayla?" Shayla said,"yes totally!"
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why was trina happy when her parents wake her up ?


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